The Confidence discussion can quite often provoke conflicting responses from people, both mentally and emotionally. Most people desire to feel a level of confidence within themselves as they interact with the situations that life presents and many people recognize that they are lacking that confidence. However, that desire is quite often tempered with some interesting beliefs that many have picked up around the fear of becoming overconfident or arrogant, or even just seen as successful or happy.

So, let’s define what we are referring to when we talk about authentic confidence. Authentic confidence is a state of being that emanates from the core of your Being (personally, I feel it in the upper abdomen/solar plexus area). It is a combination of feeling inherently safe and worthy, and thus being able to relax, trust, and be at peace. The vibration of authentic confidence overcomes the need to fight to be ‘right’. It liberates you from the need to prove yourself, conform, and even to be accepted by others. Authentic confidence allows you to stand very stable in your own sovereignty; it allows you to trust implicitly the intuitive guidance that arises from your Heart and to make your own decisions, being fully responsible for the outcomes. As your authentic confidence grows in strength, you will be less affected by the concerns of how others may perceive you or judge you, and your own self-judgments and self-doubts will diminish.

In contrast, much ‘confidence’ that many people see displayed in our society is anything but authentic. People have developed a mental structure of egoic confidence to basically protect themselves from their own insecurities. Displaying a bolshie, arrogant attitude, feeling they are always right and being willing to argue their point to the death or not even listen to another’s point of view, is required for them to maintain the mental structure of ‘confidence’ that they have built on the shaky foundations of insecurity. They surround themselves with people who will validate their inflated mental story and pander to their vanity. And while those of us who are a little more spiritually mature find this behaviour quite repulsive, it is somewhat disappointing that there are plenty of instances where this egoic confidence is appreciated in business, politics, and other areas of our deranged society.

We encourage you to let go of your concern that if you develop your own authentic confidence you will turn into that self-obsessed, closed minded, outspoken mess of insecurities, because authentic confidence is being free of the insecurities that produce the distasteful behaviour of egoic confidence. It is simple as that. Unlike egoic confidence, authentic confidence is not just covering over insecurities with a mental façade. Developing authentic confidence requires deep, fundamental energetic change and release and integration of energetic discordances that feed insecurities. It is an evolutionary process that is part of your ascension.

As you strengthen your authentic confidence, by default you are more open to your divine guidance. You are less influenced by mental stories designed to keep you emotionally safe, and thus naturally work for the highest and best good of all. The likelihood of acting in self-obsessed ways to the detriment of others is remote. As authentic confidence grows stronger, your Heart space naturally feels safe to be more open and it becomes easier to be more Heart based in everything you do.

Authentic confidence works in a symbiotic relationship with true self-Love to form the foundations required to embrace empowered freedom and the real happiness that stems from being purposeful. I have seen in my own spiritual evolution, and in many of our clients, that Self Love naturally starts to arise when authentic confidence is embraced. Natural self Love then makes it easier to maintain and strengthen authentic confidence and this symbiotic relationship starts to snowball in a positive way.

Also, I feel I should mention right here that authentic confidence, self Love, freedom, or even happiness, are not either on or off. These energetic states or vibrations, are not binary – every state is a continuum and I tend to believe that there is no end stop; the scale goes on to infinity as the cosmos/creation continues to expand. There is no destination with happiness, Love, freedom, or anything else. No matter how happy you are right now, there is more available to you. No matter how confident you are in yourself, there is a deeper experience available. When you realize and truly understand that, it takes the desperation away from attainment and you can relax around comparison and judgment. You can appreciate your current experience for what it is, rather than concerning yourself about if you have it ‘right’ or are trying hard enough.

Another common resistance towards embracing your Light in an authentic, confident manner is the indoctrinated belief that staying small, humble, and even meek is the appropriate way to please God and find salvation in Heaven. Such teachings have kept Heart centred Light workers disempowered for many centuries and it is high time to step past them and embrace your confidence to be the Light of God here on this planet.

Many also fear allowing their Light to shine out, as doing so will make them more visible to the beings of Darkness who have assumed roles of authority on this planet. We believe that the fear of being targeted by darkness creates opportunities for darkness to interfere with your energy. Constantly thinking about protecting and defending yourself against darkness is very ineffective no matter what methods you use; if your focus is on protection, you are inviting attack. Standing confidently in your Light without fear of attack is your best protection. To maintain that level of confidence, it will benefit you to have the help of the masters or other high level beings in a consistent way. Products such as the Ascended Masters’ Protection Grid really help in that regard.

Can you own the label of Confident?
There is no universally accepted measuring stick to evaluate your confidence level. So it is up to you when you choose to be satisfied with your confidence level and when you own the title. It’s exactly the same story with all other vibrations, such as self Love, Happiness, etc. Ultimately, the label means nothing and it is just a perception based on your current viewpoint. It is an arbitrary mark on an infinite scale and you can move that mark in either direction as you wish. You can debate with others where that mark ‘should’ be, but really…

We understand that it is quite hard for your mind to let go of an achievement based modal for ascertaining your success. But as we understand it, growth, evolution, and ascension will continue to continue; there is always more no matter what ‘level’ you are at. While being aware when you pass certain markers on the path, such as an initiation level, is beneficial for your motivation and absolutely cause for a celebration, please do not be deluded in thinking you will ever arrive at a level where the process will stop, everything will be easy, and you can just coast. We tell you that not to dishearten or deflate you, but rather to inspire you to realise that right now is as good a time as any to relax out of ‘needing’ to achieve the next level and to start enJoying the process right here where you are right now.

To help you start enJoying your process and your life, right now we would like to offer you a very simple practice to stimulate the strengthening of authentic confidence within your core, so that you can more effectively stay focused on your path forward and be less distracted by the fears, doubts, and resistance as it arises from within, as it inevitably does as you progress. Ultimately, we are all about empowering positive change, rather than just teaching knowledge. Change comes more effectively from taking action, rather than just thinking about concepts.

So it is simple. Start by breathing in deep. Deep into your belly. Feel your belly expand with that breath, take your awareness there. Gently hold your breath in for a few seconds if that feels comfortable. Then allow your exhalation to flow smooth and gracefully and be aware of the sensation of your body relaxing and letting go. As you inhale, allow yourself to perceive an expansion. As you hold your breath, allow yourself to perceive an intensification of what you have expanded into. As you breathe out, just relax into what you expanded into.

Now introduce some intention into that process. As you breathe in, consciously choose to expand with the vibration of authentic confidence, breathe it into your belly. Don’t worry if you don’t know how it ‘should’ feel or what experience you ‘should’ have. Trust that your intentions are powerful and that you do not need to feel proof that you are doing it ‘right’. Allow your awareness to be on an intensification of this strong energy of confidence in your belly as you retain your breath for a few moments. Then allow yourself to simply relax. Enjoy the increase of confidence in your energetic field as you exhale.

You can practice that breathing technique as part of a meditation or relaxation practice for an extended period of time. You can also practice it on the fly during your day, just for a couple of breaths at a time to maintain your intention to be authentically confident in yourself. Physiologically, such deep breathing will help reduce the effects of stress in your body and the level of mental anxiety that you are experiencing, thus helping you feel safer and more confident. And then when you introduce the practice of intentionally breathing in the uplifting and supportive vibration of confidence, the effect becomes much more powerful.

Here is a link to a short audio recording of that process for you to enjoy as our gift:

However, you should know that there is a process that is involved with all transformation. That process is called purification and it is not always so comfortable. Basically, as your vibration rises due to your intentional alignment with the high vibration of confidence, naturally lower vibrations that oppose confidence (insecurities, past traumas, etc.), will be stirred up. The dense vibrations become energetically discordant and can no longer stay hidden in the new higher vibration. The process is very natural and does not require much analysis or mental involvement, other than finding acceptance and having the discipline to not get mentally involved or judge or resist the process, just because it does not feel pleasant.

Purifying yourself of energetic toxins is pretty much the same as purifying from physical toxins. For example, when you clean up your diet, you should expect the toxins that have been accumulated while your diet was not so good will now come out of the tissues where they have been stored, so that they can be eliminated from your body. During the time that they are in your bloodstream, you will most likely feel somewhat ill, but you know that it will pass and you will be better off without that toxic load. Similarly, when you choose to energetically clean up your vibration, stuff will come up to release and there is very little you need do other than stay the course with compassion and deal with the discomfort till it has released. Then you can enjoy a new, more expansive version of freedom – free to be more authentically confident in the way that you show up in the world.

All of what has been expressed above is only our opinions and beliefs, shared here with the intention of stimulating your own enquiry on and around this topic. Please feel free to disagree with and disregard anything that does not resonate with you. We desire to empower you and all others to stand in your own Light with authentic confidence and know what you know inherently, rather than just choosing to believe what we or anyone else have said, written, or shared.

With the intention to serve you with Love and Support,


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