This is a question that someone offered to me recently in a healing session. A question to ask myself to help understand the source of my frustration with others, especially when they are unkind to each other. Asking myself this question has uncovered deeply held beliefs that I didn’t know were within me.

I realized that I get really angry when people aren’t kind to each other.

I realized that I believed that if people are unkind then they probably don’t have as much love within them.

I realized that when I am unkind, I get even more frustrated with myself than I do with others.

In my meditation recently, I was pondering this question again and the information in italics that follows is what I received when I sat to write. I’m not sure if it’s a set of Ascended Masters or my Higher Self sharing. I never really know. I just know that this topic is important because it’s easy in our humanity to be unkind. We have accumulated lifetimes of patterns and beliefs and one of the ways that we often act out those patterns and beliefs is in our relationship with others.

On the path of ascension, if we find ourselves saying ‘It’s just who I am.” or “I have an opinion” and if that opinion or statement is anything less than love, we are still in our human ego and patterns.

On the path of ascension, we must always interrupt ourselves and ask ‘What needs to be cleared and/or healed?” As Soul, we are light and love. If there is anything less than that being expressed, then it’s up to us to clear it and heal it.

Everyday something comes up where I have to recognize I’m not having a loving thought. Yesterday, I was frustrated with one of my kids not picking up their stuff. I started voicing my frustration and they angrily said “Mom, you’re talking smack about me!”. OUCH! They left for school and I realized their anger was justified in that moment because I wasn’t being kind. I’m always learning and always trying to be aware of every moment or action that creates discord.

On the path of ascension, the discord is your friend and teacher… only if you are willing to look at it?

The question is…Are you willing to ask yourself this question and see what arises with you? Are you willing to always take the path of interrogation to understand and exploration to heal?

If you’re struggling with how to shift the discord, the healers on this site offer many tools and techniques and support for this. Work with them and allow yourself to move more quickly on your path of ascension.

Sheila Franzen

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Ventura, California, USA
Services: Websites, Geek Hours, WP Care Plans
Sheila has been working with the Ascended Masters’ healings and products since 2016. She helps heart-centered business owners, the light-workers of the world, with technology. She builds websites and makes technology work for them, so they can spend more time focusing on growing their business and doing what they love.