There has been a lot of buzz out there about the octahedron and activating your personal octahedron. What is it and what is all the fuss about?

Our purpose here on earth is to ascend and to know ourselves as God. It is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, paying our karma and moving forward with love and joy. The octahedron is one of the basic shapes of Sacred Geometry. It represents harmony and balance and can align us with the frequencies of infinite love and intelligence. The octahedron is part of our energetic makeup, that we have forgotten about over our many lifetimes here on earth. In recreating the structure and activating the energy of the octahedron around our energy field it once again becomes part of our energetic blueprint.

In a channeled session with St Germain through Courtney Dillon, we were told that we were remembering how to use this sacred container, this technology from Lemurian times. The reason that each person needs to consciously activate their own octahedron, is that intention is used to program the octahedron and creation happens that is unique to the energy of each person. Personal intention increases the energy, and when a person is involved in the intention there is an investment in the process.

The personal octahedron is not meant to take the place of the Protection Grid from the Ascended Masters; it complements it beautifully. It is 100% effective for protection against negative energies and entities, EMF’s, and other negative influences. The octahedron allows us to align with the new energies on the earth and those coming into the earth at this time. We are steadfastly grounded to the earth and simultaneously connected to the ascension energies of God/Source.

I have called the octahedron the Frequency Filter, because it allows the positive, constructive frequencies to come in, and makes way to release, discharge and transmute energies that do not serve us. It serves as a vessel for release and transmutation. As emotions related to patterns and triggers come to our awareness, we can become the observer, feel and accept the emotion, the feeling, and release it, either by calling in the Violet Flame, and/or calling upon our Higher Selves to release it for us. Any programming, or requesting is done from the Heart Centre, the Now point, the Creation point of the octahedron. Creating from the heart transcends karma, so you are moving forward in love and self empowerment.

St Germain has said that one of the big lessons on earth at this time is self empowerment. Look within and know that everything you need resides there.

Every time we create the structure and activate an octahedron we are plugging into the crystalline grid of the earth and waking it up. Whether we are creating a personal octahedron, or using it to clear the energy of the land and property, as in dowsing, we are plugging into and activating that part of the grid on earth. 

I hope this explains a little more about the octahedron. If you are interested in activating your own personal octahedron, please contact me or stay tuned for further upcoming workshops.

Jan Thompson, lady smiling
Jan Thompson

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Services:Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Provider of Ascension Dowsing Services
Jan has been working with energy and Spirit for many years. Jan is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, incorporates Dowsing, and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice. Along with Carol Anne Halstead, Jan also provides Ascension Dowsing services for your home.