Looking where we are at, the circumstances that we are being forced to live in can certainly create apathy in our lives. If we continue to focus on the past, on how things were before the pandemic, we could be missing a great opportunity to co-create a better life. The first thing to do to bring that forth, is  to check our inner dialogue. Do you have a friend or a foe inside your head? Do your thoughts ever gear towards negativity or self-defeat? If so then it’s time you stop the inner critic from lying to you. 

I have talked before about emotions being uncontrollable as they are energy in motion. Yet  I’ve forgotten to explain what we can control, which are our feelings. While emotions may be a lot more like chemical reactions, our feelings are what we tell ourselves. Feelings are informed by our past experiences, culture, environment etc. In Spanish the word for feelings can give us greater insights, as “sentimiento” is a compound of I feel, I lie. We have been lying to ourselves and going through unnecessary, self-inflicted pain. 

I used to imagine how I would react to painful scenarios, I did not spend as much energy imagining a beautiful, bright future. We are such fatalists, we are always expecting the worse, but then we don’t even appreciate what we get or have all that much. So we continue creating the same patterns in our life. When all it takes is a shift in our perspective, and of course a lot of redirection of our thoughts, until we fully live in higher planes of consciousness. 

Begin looking the other way, beauty, love and peace are all around us. We must choose to see things differently in order to live a better life. We are not to negate that there is chaos, but is not our chaos, so stop claiming it. If you think you’re just being realistic, that everything is not perfect, you are limiting yourself from everything that could be. Expand your mind, start to change how you feel about certain situations, remember to stay open and refrain from painting things in a negative light. Expect the best and understand that what you receive is the best at that point in time. Make that inner critic be the inner God who will always have your back and spend some time creating a better future for you.

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, lady smiling
Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services: Retreats, Groups, Workshops and Professional Development Trainings, One-on-One Spiritual-Emotional Direction Sessions, Speaker for Events, Energy Painting Demonstrations and Art Insights Reports
Tamara is a Spiritual Art Advisor with Ascension Education & Coaching. She began working with the Ascended Masters in 2018. She shares her love of creativity through one-on-one sessions, group work and professional development trainings.