We often hear about creating balance in our lives, feeling the need for more balance, too much of this and not enough of that, needing a reset, and so on. What does it all really mean?

I was giving a Reiki session the other day where the focus became about self empowerment through balance, alignment and unconditional love. Immediately following the Reiki session, was a group meditation where the focus became about balance and harmony. I felt that everything fell into alignment for me; it was like an ‘Aha moment’.

Balance is really about returning to wholeness, harmony, and alignment with our true self. I heard it explained like this shortly after my Reiki and meditation revelation: “Balancing is connecting opposites. The nucleus of an atom has a positively charged proton and a neutral neutron. When it is balanced, connecting with a negatively charged electron is easy because of the stability”. This is actually transcending duality or coming into divine alignment; it is the blending of positive and negative, masculine and feminine, being in the flow.
Combining, having a balance of Divine Feminine (negative charge) and Divine Masculine (positive charge) unifies into wholeness, harmony, alignment. We feel self empowered when we are in the flow state.

In last month’s newsletter, I described how we can use an etheric octahedron to help bring about harmony into the house dowsing process. The octahedron is the sacred geometry of balance and harmony. It unifies the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into wholeness. In the Reiki session, I intended an etheric octahedron around the client’s body and intended that the four directions be unified within the octahedron: the grounding aspect of Mother Earth (negative charge), the God Force/Universal energy (positive charge), Divine Masculine (positive charge represented by the right side of the physical body) and the Divine Feminine (negative charge represented by the left side of the physical body). I then asked that the octahedron be infused with Unconditional Love. Unconditional love banishes all thoughts of judgement. Where there is no judgement there is only Unity, there is no separation. Unconditional Love helps bring the self into Divine alignment – Balance.

The quest for balance is really part of our ascension journey. It is the journey within when we seek harmony and alignment with our true purpose, our Divine Alignment, our Higher Self, and unconditionally love what is.

Jan Thompson, lady smiling
Jan Thompson

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Services:Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Provider of Ascension Dowsing Services
Jan has been working with energy and Spirit for many years. Jan is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, incorporates Dowsing, and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice. Along with Carol Anne Halstead, Jan also provides Ascension Dowsing services for your home.