I woke up this morning to stumble upon the concept of Yantras. I’ve read about sacred geometry before, but I didn’t recall yantras and to my surprise they were interwoven.  Yantras are mystical diagrams, carefully crafted to hold the energy or frequency of deities. Nowadays they’re used as amulets to attract wealth or protect from enemies. 

I suddenly remembered Verna Maruata’s portal paintings at the Ascended Masters website. Her  portal paintings are in essence, yantras. Holding the energy of the masters, they can help us transmute and feel supported. I thought, we can all make these if we focused our intentions into bringing forth the master’s energy. I also felt discouraged because my style is freeing, going with the flow rather than meticulously crafting geometric figures. Yet I felt the geometric figures are not necessarily needed, everything is symbolic and we can capture the energy with our intentions. 

I practice what is known as intuitive painting, some also call it energy painting. I’m not thinking of anything in particular as I paint, I’m feeling, I just flow and see what emerges. I usually have no expectations in terms of aesthetics, it’s more about having fun. The creations always seem to have symbols or guidance from Higher Self but that felt obscured compared to holding a master’s energy in a painting. So I went into my office to do my thing, feeling a bit disconnected and sad, because I didn’t believe my style was good enough or important enough. It doesn’t have a rigorous step by step structure, it’s more like tapping into your unconscious or better yet, connecting to your heart. It’s a slow, personal dance when you use it as meditation or for self-reflection.

I began to paint, washing pink strokes into the paper. I  didn’t see much, just what it looked like as a moon. I worked on that. The moon is a common symbol, I wasn’t ecstatic about what I’ve created. I like it when I find hidden letters or uncommon themes. I was disappointed. I tried connecting with my Higher Self, I wanted a message, a sign. I thought “all I have is this moon floating in pink waters”, it felt disconcerting. I decided to continue with my process and searched for Luna Rosa. The search brings only restaurants. I figured I should search in English, so I type pink moon symbolism. Astrologers know this is a thing, the pink moon happens around April and it symbolizes the spring (and all that is associated with it). I read more about it and found out the symbology of the pink moon comes from a flower instead of the moon.

Phlox (flame)  flower meaning and symbolism brings me to another page. I’m surprised to see a flower I recognize. I’ve seen this flower everywhere. Who knew it had such a strong cultural impact. Not me. The symbolism talks about the ideas of partnership, compatibility, unity and harmony. Nail on the head for me, as my ascension ray is harmony through conflict… My HS is communicating with me after all. While this was pretty amazing to receive, I wanted more. I continued to do research and discovered that during the pink moon there’s a festival for Hanuman. I wasn’t feeling a particular connection until I read about his magic powers, like flying and such. I kept reading and it turns out that Hanuman represents the cosmic energy which to me speaks of zero point energy, God and Higher Self. Hanuman can help us accomplish what is magical, it read. That resonates to me because I’ve been looking for magic in my life, pure alchemy. While I’m yet to be endowed with magic powers (I’m not losing hope here), I have to realize that my own way of connecting with the divine is powerful, sacred and ultimately my magical gift. 

The beauty of what I do is that anyone can do it, it doesn’t require rigorous training nor special tools. I particularly enjoy when I do groups because the energy is unique, as we connect to the joy of creation, have fun and feel fulfilled by the experience. That doesn’t mean that there’s no magic when I do one on one spiritual art, I’ve witnessed tons of growth in self-discovery and self-reflection. The difference is that in the space of one on one’s we can dig deeper, we can unveil pain, which requires delicate navigation so that it can be transformed; Yet sometimes the simple manifestation of that energy unto paper is all it takes to be transmuted. 

Sometimes I forget that I love what I do, because I’ve had to work within the boundaries of the therapeutic work. What I do brings me joy and it makes me happy to share that joy with others. Which is why I rather work outside the therapy lenses, although the process is always therapeutic, I don’t have to write assessments and notes about anyone’s mental health and can simply enjoy their beings. I can share with them who I am without fear of breaking boundaries. We can talk about ascension and spirituality without the backslide of mental illness. We can actually have fun, feel uplifted and empowered after my sessions. While my style is not as intricate as making yantras, it can capture intentions and therefore energy. Plus, interpreting the symbolism is just the cherry on top. Guess my pink moon had a lot more to teach me today, even Hanuman, to remind me of that self-confidence that I happen to lose every now and then. 

Just when I thought I was finished writing, I glanced at my painting again and realized that the colors *harmonize with my rays and personality. White moon – my ascension ray (4th), with a yellow glow- my life ray (2nd), the pink and purplish colors go with my mental and emotional rays (3rd & 6th). I can only assume the blue ties in with my emotional connection to Metatron. Yet another way to interpret my pink moon. Perhaps this painting is more about me and my energy than I anticipated (that is always the case when one engages in intuitive painting), it’s my own unique yantra. I underestimated my heart-centered art, but this served as a reminder to believe in our own magic. 

Much love,

Tamara Liz

Tamara Liz, believe in you, lady wearing pink

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, lady smiling
Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services: Retreats, Groups, Workshops and Professional Development Trainings, One-on-One Spiritual-Emotional Direction Sessions, Speaker for Events, Energy Painting Demonstrations and Art Insights Reports
Tamara is a Spiritual Art Advisor with Ascension Education & Coaching. She began working with the Ascended Masters in 2018. She shares her love of creativity through one-on-one sessions, group work and professional development trainings.