I personally have struggled with this throughout my life and I am seeing a lot of clients that are going through this as well. We ask ourselves what is the importance of loving ourselves? We go day to day putting up walls, seeing ourselves through the eyes of others and their judgments. Believing that we are not good enough because we make mistakes and hold ourselves accountable for experiences or choices we made in the past. The struggles are real and painful.

We tend to avoid dealing with the pain that we are carrying that needs to be healed, by loving others so deeply, forgiving them quickly and putting them before ourselves. This is a way to avoid our own pain and what is truly going on inside of us. We distract ourselves so we don’t have to go inward to clean up the mess that we’ve created.

But it is when we learn to become more heart centered and forgive ourselves, letting go of the pain of the past, taking down the walls and releasing others’ opinions of us, that the healing can begin.

What’s most important is how we see ourselves and that we hold ourselves in a place of love, compassion and understanding on a daily basis. It does take practice and work to get there. As we peel away layer after layer of the old ideas of who we are and bring in the new realization that we deserve to be loved and we are enough.

By learning to love ourselves it is a process by which you start seeing yourself as someone who deserves to be loved. You may have made choices in the past that do not align with who you are today, but the key is forgiving yourself and to find gratitude for the experience and the lesson instead of holding onto the guilt or shame. You do this by starting to go inward more often and loving the child within. In my healings that I offer, I have found that it is the child within each of us that is still hurting or suffering from past experiences that we haven’t yet forgiven our ourselves for. That inner child is needing attention, needing to be forgiven, and truly excepted for who they are.

When we look outside of ourselves for love and acceptance, we’re missing the opportunity to go inward, because what we truly want is to be seen, loved and accepted by ourselves. It’s important to take time daily to sit quietly and go inward touching base with your emotions and lovingly, without judgment, letting go of that which is not serving you any longer.

A good way to look at healing is to face your emotions head on with an understanding of why you are hurting. Forgive yourself and release those patterns with the new perception that this may have been an experience that you needed to have in order to heal and grow. When you commit to working on this, you start to connect on a deeper, loving level with the inner child that resides within you giving him or her the attention and unconditional love that they are desperately seeking.

A fun way to connect inward would be to ask your inner child, what would you like to do today for fun? This will give the inner part of you an opportunity to express joy and fun that you may not of allowed yourself to experience for quite a while. It is taking the time to build a relationship with your inner self that will help you to see the true, divine child that resides within you and fall in love with them and accept them for exactly who they are. For they are a very important aspect of you and deserves to be loved.

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~ Lori

Lori Diebold, lady smiling by pool
Lori Diebold

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Selma, North Carolina, USA
Services: Akashic Record Readings/Healing, Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Brazilian Light Energization, Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Reading, Archangelic Light, Past Life Clearing & Healing, Rohun Therapy, Animal Reiki
Lori is a spiritual healer and channeler. She is a conduit of light and energy which is used to promote deep healing on all levels. Her ascension journey began in 2015. She uses her intuitive gifts to inspire and empower those who are ready to make positive changes in their life.