The Energy of Fire

By Sheila Franzen

Fire dances it’s own dance unlike any other
Full of grace and power
Gentle and soft

Fire transforms something into nothing
Sometimes quickly
Sometimes slowly

Fire moves with the wind
Taking everything in its path
Leaving emptiness for something new to begin

Fire is brilliant like the sun
Shining orange and yellow
Changing with every movement

As I sat watching the fire you see in the photo, I was inspired to write the above poem. The beautiful energy of fire reminded me of our inner flame, a divine flame that exists within each of us.

This flame never goes out, yet it must be nurtured to shine as bright as it possibly can.

Ascension by the clearing of karma aligns us to shine bright. Yet, what’s next?

As I observed the fire and thought about life, I was aware that just as the embers fall way and begin to burn out unless you gather them back up or add more wood to the fire, we must also fuel our inner flame.

What fuel are you adding to your divine flame?

Maybe you just need a conversation about possibilities. I offer a free connection session. My experience is that each connection fuels our individual fires just a little bit more. 🔥

Whatever it is, don’t let your fire become dim.

Fuel your fire . The world needs YOUR LIGHT!!!

Sheila Franzen

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Ventura, California, USA
Services: Websites, Geek Hours, WP Care Plans
Sheila has been working with the Ascended Masters’ healings and products since 2016. She helps heart-centered business owners, the light-workers of the world, with technology. She builds websites and makes technology work for them, so they can spend more time focusing on growing their business and doing what they love.