I always talk about self-care because it is that important. We really need to shift to radical self-love after 2020, because the usual self-care activities we engaged in are not cutting it. We need the extra cherry on top if we expect to thrive. Aside from our personal stories, as a collective we have been going through a lot, from the intense light energies (and even attacks) to the subtleties of missing the now covered facial expressions. Most of us have been pushed to extreme isolation and this my friends, is not healthy at all. Yet it is the perfect time to use it to our advantage and engage in introspection. Become friends with our imperfections. We can choose to see this as a gift and heal old patterns and wounds. 

Which is why I present to you this present- yes you read that right. PRESENT. I love the word because you can use it in different contexts. To be present is a gift (literal when you arrive somewhere or when the whole of you pays attention to something or someone) and a present is also defined as a gift. Being present must be the greatest present of all. Ok, I’ll stop. The idea is to draw yourself as a present, box included. What does that look like?  If you feel like drawing is not your thing, just draw a square and write things inside. Self-reflect on how you present yourself to others, and what are you feeling inside. 

This can be a great exploration if you use it in the context of celebrating the holidays. Are you celebrating or stressing out? Just imagine you are at a holiday gathering (even a zoom one), with your snobby aunt Matilda, your not so funny cousin Joe that always pokes jokes at you, your parents and/or siblings with certain expectations of you. How are you showing up vs how are you feeling inside? Are you bringing a nice present? Explore those ideas.

If you feel this exercise may trigger you and you rather explore it with support, you can always reach out. Otherwise proceed with caution. You may encounter shame, you may feel rejected or unacceptable. I been there, done that. Feeling not good enough, just plain inadequate, like who you are doesn’t belong. Just remember that is not a bad thing, unless you think it is. When such feelings arise don’t ignore them or push them below, don’t just keep moving forward. Take the time to heal, to understand and bring yourself back to joy. 

Don’t let the emotions get stuck (this happens if we don’t process/release them), move that energy engaging in movement, be it dancing, painting or drawing. You must self-witness, suspend the moment and notice what you are doing, how you are feeling in your body, stay present and see if you begin to experience yourself differently.  Methods like meditation work too, closing your eyes, breathing and imagining the energy moving until it’s released. Don’t think that ugly crying, screaming or punching a pillow are not viable alternatives, they can be effective too. As long as you feel and release, you’re all good. 

You are capable of healing on your own, but why do it alone when you can have someone supporting you in your journey? Having a witness to your transformation validates your feelings, serves as a reminder of how far you’ve come and and best of all, if it has to do with your emotions (energy in motion) or a past life experience etc., the ascending initiates are here to give you a hand. Use this time to go within and don’t forget to check out the healing paths. There are many beautiful services that can support you during the holidays and well after that. 

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, lady smiling
Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services: Retreats, Groups, Workshops and Professional Development Trainings, One-on-One Spiritual-Emotional Direction Sessions, Speaker for Events, Energy Painting Demonstrations and Art Insights Reports
Tamara is a Spiritual Art Advisor with Ascension Education & Coaching. She began working with the Ascended Masters in 2018. She shares her love of creativity through one-on-one sessions, group work and professional development trainings.