Lori is a healer who works with the Angels and the Ascended Masters to bring healing to those who are ready to make a positive change in their life and who are ready to shift their energy in more alignment with their soul.

Begin to shift and change your life with a past life healing. Past life programming can affect us in many ways. A large part of past life trauma healing is about releasing that stored energy from the body and because of this, working with the physical body is an effective gateway to healing. Frequently the roots of our difficulties are linked to unresolved, past trauma.

Past life trauma can often manifest in our deep responses to emotional situations, especially intimate relationships. It can even appear as physical characteristics, energetic blocks, body imbalance, or a tendency to feel fear at the slightest provocation. Healing a past life trauma does not dissolve the memory, which remains forever in universal time. It removes the traumatic charge in your body and frees you from that limitation. Healing or dissolving the traumatic content from a past life can have deep and profound benefits in your present life. We find we are less triggered by events around us. Deep, subconscious memories influence our experience and can manifest as illness or stress. A Past Life Clearing is an opportunity to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past.

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Lori Diebold, lady smiling by pool
Lori Diebold

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Selma, North Carolina, USA
Services: Akashic Record Readings/Healing, Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Brazilian Light Energization, Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Reading, Archangelic Light, Past Life Clearing & Healing, Rohun Therapy, Animal Reiki
Lori is a spiritual healer and channeler. She is a conduit of light and energy which is used to promote deep healing on all levels. Her ascension journey began in 2015. She uses her intuitive gifts to inspire and empower those who are ready to make positive changes in their life.