Recently, I was in the car driving my daughter and we were having a conversation about thoughts and choice and how sometimes it feels like we don’t have a choice because the thoughts are already in our head. Do you ever feel that way?

When we are on a journey of awakening to consciousness, we start asking questions like this. I was so proud of her awareness and her ability to articulate that it feels like you don’t have a choice when that thought is already in your mind.

I took a deep breath and asked ‘How do I explain this to her?’.  I then received this wonderful quick and simple explanation from my Higher Self. It was so powerful that as soon as we stopped, I grabbed my phone and wrote down what I had just said.

Choice creates freedom

Over time, the same choice creates a belief

We get comfortable with our beliefs

Then a pattern is created

Now imagine that pattern gets stored in your earth star and you carry it from life to life

Now it feels like it’s part of you, but it’s not you, it’s an energetic pattern

Help from the Masters opens up and clears the energy for the stuck pattern

Then possibilities arise 

Even as I write this, I knew that I already knew the information, yet the power in this brief, almost poetic download about the Origins of Patterns reminds me of both the power of choice and the challenges in shifting things. When we have carried patterns that are with us life after life after life, we often don’t even know we are living our patterns and not our truest selves.

Working with the Ascended Masters is like a bit of magic in this regard. They are able to help clear the energy around a stuck pattern, so that you have the freedom to make a new choice. The key is that you still have to make the new choice. You still have free will and you must choose. 

One of the easiest ways to work with Masters is through a torus healing. The torus healing for clearing a pattern allows them to interact directly with your energy field and clear the energy of the stuck pattern.  You then have more space to make a new choice. 

If you want to know more about a specific pattern, then you can work with any of the healers that have stepped forward to help clear patterns as part of the Clearing a Pattern Healing Path.

Not sure where to start?  The Healing Path Personalized Reading will provide you exactly what patterns are holding you back and what past lives needs to be cleared so that you can move forward into being more fully you!

P.S.  Yes, anyone at any level of ascension can benefit from a torus healing and the Healing Path Personalized Reading.  There are always opportunities to clear more patterns!

Sheila Franzen

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Ventura, California, USA
Services: Websites, Geek Hours, WP Care Plans
Sheila has been working with the Ascended Masters’ healings and products since 2016. She helps heart-centered business owners, the light-workers of the world, with technology. She builds websites and makes technology work for them, so they can spend more time focusing on growing their business and doing what they love.