When we look at making changes in our life it can sometimes seem overwhelming – the journey from where we are to where we want to be can appear daunting. One insight I like to keep in mind is that no matter what journey we embark upon, the completion of it always occurs one step at time. As long as we continue to seek out the next step, no matter how big or small, we are progressing towards our desired destination.

What I find magical is that the next step may not even seem to relate to our desired destination on the surface. We may want to progress in our ascension, or manifest greater abundance, or any other goal – and yet maybe the next step to take is cleaning out a room or closet you’ve been putting off. Maybe it is buying a new health food or supplement out of love for your body, or starting a new exercise routine. Maybe it is a step taken out of love for another – donating to a cause you resonate with, working on improving a relationship, or volunteering your time somewhere. What I find is that the apparently separate aspects of our lives are actually more connected than they seem. While exercise may not seem to relate to financial abundance, maybe starting that new exercise program shifts your energy, brightens your mood, infuses you with more vital energy – and maybe this then opens a doorway you didn’t see before. Like dominoes falling, one step inevitably leads to changes that precipitate the next step, and the next.

I feel that as long as we are taking steps, big or small, that are rooted in love (for ourselves or another), we are always progressing. Sometimes the big steps we feel we must take are overwhelming, but there are usually smaller steps we can take in the mean time. No step is wasted when it is rooted in love. What next step inspires you at this moment?

Andrew Logan

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada
Services: Multidimensional DNA Activations, Pineal Gland Activations, Solar Activations, Accelerated Transformation Packages!, A Week of Healing-Love Support, Lightwave Energy Healing, Spiritual Energetic Attunements
Andrew is a student of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and someone who is very keen about personal and spiritual development. Andrew offers healing sessions that are designed for accelerated personal and spiritual transformation, particularly how it relates to one's spiritual service work and life mission.