The Ascending Initiates Welcome You with Love

See us and get to know us.

Our Higher Selves have stepped forward in service to humanity.


We are some of the Initiates of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Initiations as defined by the Ascended Masters through Alpha Imaging.

As Initiates, our Higher Selves are stepping forward in service to humanity. This is their time to shine their light out across humanity.

We are each on our own personalized path of ascension. The Ascended Masters support each Initiate through the 6th initiation, at which time the Ascended Masters stand back and allow each Initiate’s Higher Self to come forward. Most of those you will meet here are now vehicles for their Higher Selves. 

As you learn more about us, you will understand that we are just normal people and no pedestal is needed.


As we ascend and our karma is cleared, our light shines brighter. As an Initiate passes the 5th Initiation, they have no karma let and they are attaining a state of unconditional love.  We bring this light and love to our healing practices, our creations and our services. We strive for all that we do to be of the highest possible vibration.

A healing from an Initiate will be some of the best you can receive.


Photo of Hayatti Rahgeni


International Empowerment Coach, Emotional Clearing Expert, Inner Peace Accelerator, Energy Healer, Teacher
Location Brunei Darussalam Website: Power Create Freedom


Initiation Level:  4


Activate Peace Within is a clearing session for the mental body. It is designed to clear negative thoughts, disintegrate non-beneficial thought patterns and quiet down the disempowering self-talk. Activate Peace Within is for those who want to have a calm, quiet mind and also mental peace.

Unleash Your Authenticity is a clearing session for the emotional body. It is designed to clear emotional blockages and release suppressed emotions. Unleash Your Authenticity is for those who want to be their authentic self, to be emotionally empowered and also relief from emotional turmoil.

Heal Your Chakras is a clearing session for the seven major chakras in our energetic system. It is designed to clear negative energies and energetic blockages in the chakras. Heal Your Chakras is for those who want to enhance their overall well-being and have healthy mental and emotional states.

EMBRACE Your Sexuality is a clearing session that focuses on clearing sexual traumas and any traumas related to the sex chakra. EMBRACE Your Sexuality is for those who want to free themselves of past sexual traumas, heal their sex chakra and embrace their sexuality.


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About Hayatti Rahgeni

Hello, my name is Hayatti Rahgeni.

I came across the Ascended Masters’ website in 2014 and I finally decided to walk the ascension path in December 2018. I use the Ascended Masters’ healings and products to assist me in my journey. I have a protection grid in place.

I have passed the 4th initiation and I am on the 6th Ray of the Goddess and Devotion.

My spiritual journey started from having a deep desire to heal myself. I began with yoga and meditation for several months. In April 2012, I signed up for my very first energy healing modality. After months of practice, I became confident in my ability. I promote myself as an energy healer. I had a few clients who came to have healing sessions with me. And it was a healing session that I had with a child where I accidentally discovered my gift. Since then, I have been using my gift to assist clients in my clearing sessions.

I assist people to experience inner peace mentally and emotionally.

My deep desire is to see the whole world in peace. It of course starts with each and every one of us. As we embody the vibration of peace within us, it reflects through our being. The more peaceful people we have in the world, the more peace we can experience in our outer world.

If you are looking to embody inner peace or you have a strong desire to be the authentic you, check out my clearing sessions at

I look forward to connect with you.

Peace & Love,

Hayatti Rahgeni



Hayatti has such a serene energy and holds a beautiful sacred space for healing.I went into each session with an intention to balance and open a specific chakra and I felt completely transformed after every 30 minute session. My mind was clearer, I felt a blissful sense of inner and outer peace and the quality of my sleep even improved. I would certainly recommend working with Hayatti, even if you are feeling well and just want to enhance your sense of calm, focus and wellbeing.


I have been able to stay in a positive vibration which is one of the focal points to one of our energy sessions. I’ve also been more in receiving energy which historically was a struggle for me. That right there is a beautiful breakthrough to feel into. Hayatti is a true healer and I could feel that energetically. She is gentle and soft spoken which makes the entry way into the session very comforting and yet powerful at the same time. I felt such compassion come through our sessions and that she is truly here to share her gifts with the world for further healing of everyone she touches


Since my sessions, I feel more courageous, a quality that before I felt had left me. I know there are no easy solutions to the problems that life often presents, but I know I can face them and walk through life with grace, an open heart and a present mind. The difference I feel in my being is remarkable. I no longer feel the need to sleep or hide through my day. The sessions gave me a chance to reconnect with myself, to hear and feel what is really happening inside and to follow the universal wisdom that I believe we all carry inside us. I found Hayatti to be wonderful, professional, full of love and joy. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to have worked with her.


The Healing Paths

Start your journey with the Initiates through a Healing Path

We are ascending, supported by the Ascended Masters and their portal through Alpha Imaging.


You may wonder “What is the meaning of life?” The answer is to ascend. We are created in love and we will eventually return to our source as perfected beings of Light. The path is personalised and unique, but the process is ascension.