The Ascending Initiates Welcome You with Love

See us and get to know us.

Our Higher Selves have stepped forward in service to humanity.


These are some of the Initiates of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th initiations.

The Higher Selves of these Initiates are stepping forward in service to humanity. This is their time to shine their light out across humanity.

Every pathway to ascension is unique and every person here is ascending on a personalised path. The Ascended Masters have supported them on their unique paths to the 6th initiation, at which time the Ascended Masters stand back and the Higher Self comes to the fore. Most of those you will meet here are now vehicles for their Higher Selves.

As you read their bios, you will understand they are just normal people and no pedestal is needed.


Their bright light makes them a beacon amongst humanity. Once they have passed the 5th Initiation, they have no karma left and they are attaining a state of unconditional love. These Initiates bring this light and love to their healing practises, their creations, and their services. This makes all they do of the highest vibration. A healing from them must be some of the best you will receive.


Photo of Emelie Cedergren


Energy Healer, Intuitive, Teacher
Location Dalarna Sweden Website:


Initiation Level:  6th


Me and my Higher Self step forward to reach out to people who are unaware, people who experiencing suffering and do not remember that they carrying their own divinity within. We offer:
* Teachings
* Healings
* Attunement
* Activation


About Emelie Cedergren

started working with the ascended masters via the portal in 2015.

During my life I have learned and realized that I am not my body or the personality I have here. It’s just a very small part of who I am. I have for a long time cleared my own darkness bit by bit (still doing), to let go of myself and surrender to that which is higher than me in order to be able to face and look at the world and humanity without my own values or opinions. With compassion, truth and love.

Compassion, truth and love is included in everything we do. We want you to remember your own divinity. We want you to be as powerful as you can be.

My Higher Self is a warrior, and he is very clear on that it is not possible to curl someone who is to step into their own power. He expresses it with love, but it also sums up our work. We will not choose for you, you are responsible for what you choose and we will not put any value in it.

For me, Emelie, it means he is teaching me to stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for everything I have ever chosen through all my lives. He helps me understand who I am beyond my humanity and everything I know here. And to be fiercely bold and step into my own divinity and live from it.

Together we will work to help people to remember their own divinity and step into this divinity.


I really recommend this Healing with Emelie. It was strong. I never experienced such a powerful Divine feeling in a healing before. It reminded me of the divine experience I get when I work with plant medicine. I feel so pure, vibrating and strong now after the healing.

Oz, Sweden

I could recommend getting a healing from Nordic Moonsky. To receive healing was to let go of myself, and find my way inside myself. During the first healing I fell asleep, but the effect came the next day when I had to have surgery. The feeling that the operation was no longer scary but that it would go well. Second time, the feeling was like lying in some cone shape where the tip was light and beings circled around the top. A pressure in the head that faded out. The feeling occurred as if the body was being cleansed of bad energy. Did not have a headache as before. Did not need to take medication in a few days.

Carina, Sweden

With warmth, love, light and the 4 elements, I was helped to open up my locked inner. With pulsating waves that grew stronger and stronger, and then burst, it is difficult to explain in words, it must be experienced! Calm and harmonious trust fills my heart now. Thank you for this gift.

Malin, Sweden


The Healing Paths

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We are ascending, supported by the Ascended Masters and their portal in New Zealand.


You may wonder “What is the meaning of life?” The answer is to ascend. We are created in love and we will eventually return to our source as perfected beings of Light. The path is personalised and unique, but the process is ascension.