The Ascending Initiates Welcome You with Love

See us and get to know us.

Our Higher Selves have stepped forward in service to humanity.


We are some of the Initiates of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Initiations as defined by the Ascended Masters through Alpha Imaging.

As Initiates, our Higher Selves are stepping forward in service to humanity. This is their time to shine their light out across humanity.

We are each on our own personalized path of ascension. The Ascended Masters support each Initiate through the 6th initiation, at which time the Ascended Masters stand back and allow each Initiate’s Higher Self to come forward. Most of those you will meet here are now vehicles for their Higher Selves. 

As you learn more about us, you will understand that we are just normal people and no pedestal is needed.


As we ascend and our karma is cleared, our light shines brighter. As an Initiate passes the 5th Initiation, they have no karma let and they are attaining a state of unconditional love.  We bring this light and love to our healing practices, our creations and our services. We strive for all that we do to be of the highest possible vibration.

A healing from an Initiate will be some of the best you can receive.


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Intuitive Channel, Medium, Teacher, Energy Healer
Location Laguna Beach California 92607 United States Website:


Initiation Level:  7th


I am an intuitive channel, a medium, a teacher, and an energy healer. I offer intuitive readings and healings to help people see their life from a higher perspective Finally, I lead in-person workshops and retreats to help others learn to open their own intuitive gifts.

  • Intuitive Reading
  • Mediumship Session
  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Coaching


About Courtney Dillon

Hello, my name is Courtney Dillon. I found the Ascended Masters’ website in January of 2018 and my life has never been the same since. I have passed the 6th initiation and am currently on the 6th Ray of the Goddess and Devotion.  I left the cycle of rebirth in July of 2019 and I have been working with the Ascended Masters since January of 2018.

During an intuitive reading, I am able to channel your Soul Essence and help you see the larger energetic patterns running in your life. As an intuitive, I am able to bring forth messages from your prominent guides, your higher self, or loved ones who have crossed over.  I also work as a medium to connect you with the essence of those who have crossed over.

It is my job to provide clarity of where you are right now, to assist in understanding where you have been, and help you work to align with your highest path and soul purpose. I am able to see past life patterns that you have carried forth into this life. Clients prepare a list of questions to guide the session.

You can find more of my work at



“My intuitive reading with Courtney was beyond words amazing. I have done a lot of readings with different people, but this one was the most spot on. She is the real deal. I got so much clarity and peace about myself and my journey here. She is a gift in my life and I have already recommended her to so many people in my circle. Thank you again, continue to help people align with their authentic self.”



Blake R.

“Courtney is a force to be reckoned with. Her natural ability to connect within carries her between worlds that can help heal old wounds, see the truth, and create new realities. She can help you manifest what you may already know but are too mired in old patterns to grasp. She can help you reset the old record, then move forward with ease.

Courtney’s ability to help people evolve into their best selves stems from her immense compassion for the the human condition and her stellar ability to channel frequencies in the higher realms. Courtney’s approach is gentle yet straightforward, and very effective. Thank you, Courtney!”


Ali B.


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Laguna Beach California 92607 United States

The Healing Paths

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We are ascending, supported by the Ascended Masters and their portal through Alpha Imaging.


You may wonder “What is the meaning of life?” The answer is to ascend. We are created in love and we will eventually return to our source as perfected beings of Light. The path is personalised and unique, but the process is ascension.