The Ascending Initiates Welcome You with Love

See us and get to know us.

Our Higher Selves have stepped forward in service to humanity.


We are some of the Initiates of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Initiations as defined by the Ascended Masters through Alpha Imaging.

As Initiates, our Higher Selves are stepping forward in service to humanity. This is their time to shine their light out across humanity.

We are each on our own personalized path of ascension. The Ascended Masters support each Initiate through the 6th initiation, at which time the Ascended Masters stand back and allow each Initiate’s Higher Self to come forward. Most of those you will meet here are now vehicles for their Higher Selves. 

As you learn more about us, you will understand that we are just normal people and no pedestal is needed.


As we ascend and our karma is cleared, our light shines brighter. As an Initiate passes the 5th Initiation, they have no karma let and they are attaining a state of unconditional love.  We bring this light and love to our healing practices, our creations and our services. We strive for all that we do to be of the highest possible vibration.

A healing from an Initiate will be some of the best you can receive.


Photo of Charlene Locke


Holistic Therapist, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Sound Healer
Location Cheshire United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07973264415 Website: (Coming Soon)


Initiation Level:  6th


I am an Intuitive Healer who offers one to one and distance healing sessions.
I also hold retreats and training sessions for Reiki & Crystal healing.

  • Usui Reiki
  • Seichem Reiki
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Crystal Grid Healing
  • Sound Healing and Reflexology
  • Reiki & Crystal Healing Training


About Charlene Locke

My name is Charlene Locke, I currently live in the United Kingdom with my Little girl Chloe

I Have been a Holistic Therapist for over 19 years training in many face & body modalities, However, my calling changed in 2012 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I began to see animal spirits and sense energies around me as well as developing quite an obsession with crystals! it was a truly a life-changing experience leading me to a much deeper understanding of my path.

From there on my therapies have all been centered around holding space to allow others to heal. Whether that be through a sound healing session, reiki, crystal healing or reflexology – each person’s session is unique to them.

A one to one session can vary from sonic sound waves, crystal bowls, sacred symbols, crystal grids, or hands-on reiki & reflexology healing to provide the perfect space for clearing, letting go and making way for the new.

Within the Distance Healing sessions, I use a combination of calling upon the Ascended Masters, crystal healing grids, Reiki, and sound all of which can be sent to where they are needed. Anywhere in the world.

I also offer Reiki attunements and crystal Healing training, not just for those who wish to be therapists, but for all who are drawn to these energies to assist and support them through life.

In 2016 I had a real turning point in my Ascension journey when I discovered the Ascended Masters portal and being working with Verna & Waireti. At this time, I started to develop a relationship with the ascending masters, using the portal cards and calling upon them to assist with my client’s sessions.

Currently, I have passed my 6th initiation and along with my daughter we are on the 6th ray –the ray of goddess and devotion.
This has been a beautiful ever-unfolding journey.

It is with real joy I can be of service.

Much love Charlene


Charlene is one of the most gifted and intuitive healers that I know. She is a true seer into the invisible spaces and can channel light directly to the areas that are in need of healing and love.
She is a wonderful sound therapist and her sessions give multi-layered insights into different aspects of our human experience.
I would recommend Charlene to anyone who feels they would like to restore balance, connect more deeply to themselves and cleanse heavy energy and emotional distress.
Jade Katie
This is no ordinary Reiki training but a fusion of healing modalities taught by a truly gifted experienced all-round healer.
You’ll be given a comprehensive manual covering everything on the course and more…I feel I have gained both the technical and practical training needed to continue my journey. A magical few days and cannot recommend Charlene enough if you are looking to self-heal or practice Reiki as a practitioner.
Lisa Godfrey



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Cheshire United Kingdom

The Healing Paths

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We are ascending, supported by the Ascended Masters and their portal through Alpha Imaging.


You may wonder “What is the meaning of life?” The answer is to ascend. We are created in love and we will eventually return to our source as perfected beings of Light. The path is personalised and unique, but the process is ascension.