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In November 2018, just after I passed the 7th initiation, My Higher Self (Edward) showed me an image of me sitting at a table with blank paper and a pen. I did not know what that meant, but not long after, I received the title of a book. It was to be called ‘Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates.’ Earlier that year, I had a discussion with Luz Victoria Winter about Ascension. She mused that perhaps one day, someone would write about modern Ascension. And she was right!

Now, while not considering myself a scribe, I wondered how this could come to fruition. I was faced with an uncertain path, but with the unflagging support of my Higher Self to proceed. I didn’t look back.

When I posted this possibility on our closed Facebook site, it was met with considerable enthusiasm for the project. It turns out many people were anxious to talk more about their individual Ascension journeys. We decided together to figure out what was to be included in our stories, the format and approximate length. All the writers then had free rein to tell it the way they wanted it to be heard. I looked after all the details; for instance: finding a publisher and addressing all concerns that showed up. We worked through the endless cycles of revisions and issues that surfaced. The first edition was published in late December 2019 and we discovered that we needed to do a second edition to accommodate things missing or needing to be changed. (Apparently, this happens often. They have a huge post-production department!) The second edition took far longer to finish once Covid-19 happened. So many more writers came on board with our publisher because what better time to write that book you always intended than when you are in relative isolation at home!!

Almost everyone in the book has passed the 7th initiation at this point. We are a diverse group. We are ordinary people who have all accomplished this extraordinary feat. All with the help of Verna Maruata and Waireti who are the keepers of an Ascension portal on their property in New Zealand. This Ascension portal was brought down to earth by 108 Ascended Masters who use the portal to provide services, products and communication with Verna and Waireti all for the purpose of helping people with their Ascension.

The most amazing thing about our Ascension journeys is the speed with which we were all able to move through the initiations. This is a new path for spiritual initiates that the Ascended Masters have brought forward through these remarkable women for these modern times. By working with the Ascended Masters offerings, one can clear all karma from all our lifetimes that has been stored in our chakras. Our chakras then become filled with light and we grow into higher consciousness. That is what Ascension is. It used to take a lot of lifetimes to make a little headway in our spiritual growth and in many of our lives there was no growth at all! Now you can ascend in this lifetime!

There are many paths to Ascension and sometimes you will hear conflicting information such as one needs to clear only 50% of their karma. Not true. According to the Masters who work through the portal in New Zealand, karma must be 100% cleared from our chakras before we can continue to climb the Ascension ladder! How does one even know whether their karma has been cleared? Well, Waireti has uncommon abilities to see through all time and dimensions. In addition, she can see clearly where an individual sits in the Ascension process by looking at a recent picture of them. Although there are many other spiritual initiate paths, the measure of growth just isn’t there. Each one of us in our stories describes how many years we spent as spiritual seekers and what little progress we had made until we found this modern initiate’s path. After each of us began to work with the oils (particularly the violet flame oil infused by St Germain in the Ascension portal) and had healings, our progress and our journeys intensified. Fortunately, we had the support of the Ascended Masters and Verna Maruata and Waireti as well as each other throughout.

This portal is temporary. It has an earthly lifespan as well. That actually makes me sad to think about how many souls could have had this opportunity but didn’t take it. If in your heart of hearts you feel it is your destiny to ascend in this lifetime, take advantage of this unique and superior opportunity while it exists. You will end the ‘endless’ cycle of rebirth that is the great human dilemma. We are born into this life, we die and then we are reborn again and again. And we have no memory of the great purpose we have as humans. Most of us doing this work have had anywhere up to 18 thousand or more past lives. The hard part is the amnesia that prevails when we are born into a new life. We have to ‘re-member’. Now when those of us who have cleared our karma leave this life, we may choose to return to help others with their Ascension journey or we may move somewhere into the Cosmos and continue to ascend there! But the long journey home will continue. It is vast and endless and unknowable.

Read about how 13 of us took up this earthly challenge and succeeded. We are all off the cycle of reincarnation. We have all cleared 100% of our karma. Our higher selves our firmly in place and working through us to help others. We are all uniquely in service and continuing our Ascension journeys while we are here. We do not know where this earthly journey will end, but there is great inner happiness in knowing that no matter what, we have accomplished the goal God intended for humanity.

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‘Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates: Second Edition’ is available now in Kindle format through Amazon and in all formats (paperback, hard cover and E-book) from Friesen Press Bookstore where you can order online.

May it inspire and encourage you to Ascend in this lifetime!

Carol Anne Halstead

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Services: Ascension Dowsing, Book: Modern Ascension
Carol Anne has been working with the Ascended Masters since 2013. She has compiled a book titled Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates, and offers Ascension Dowsing services for your home.