Looking inside the center of the astrology chart, one can see geometrical patterns made by the position of the planets at birth. If you follow the aspect lines across the circle, you will see the flow of energy throughout the chart. Some of these patterns have easy energy that are like blessings and the energy flows continuously. Some of the patterns need to be consciously “activated” for you to access this energy. In some of the patterns, energy does not flow at all—there are blocks. Sometimes there are areas of inflexibility. Sometimes there are subtle tensions that we try to ignore. We each have a mixture of all of these patterns and it is in working through these patterns that we are able to grow and learn. I believe these patterns are your Akashic Records in geometrical code.

Metatron has stepped forward to offer a fast-track clearing and activation session working with the patterns in your chart. He clears old patterns, stuck energy and karma from the entire chart and all that is contained in it. There is physical healing that happens as well. Metatron’s Astrology Cube is designed to bring you very big shifts very quickly, which you will see and feel in your life.

The healing session is done remotely, on video. It is audio and energy only. You will need to listen to it three times (over the course of a few days or weeks) for it to be complete. It utilizes your date and location of birth. Birth time is not necessary, as this is not a reading, but an astrology healing.

This session utilizes sacred geometry and the higher frequencies of numerology. This clearing session will enable you to activate the highest potential of your chart.

Approximate time, 60 minutes, to be performed three times….$108

Purchase your session here: https://iamsoulalchemist.com/metatrons-astrology-cube.

Tammy Yarsa Manzo

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Elyria, Ohio, USA
Services: Clearing Sessions in the Akashic Records, Soul-Based Astrology Reading, Practical Reiki Classes, Outreach
Tammy has been working with energy for the last ten years, and seriously working on her ascension since 2015. Tammy offers Akashic Record Healing Sessions, Reiki and soul-based astrology readings. She has been teaching Reiki for the past few years and has taught over thirty people this wonderful tool for spiritual development and healing.