I love to meditate.

Before I loved meditating, I struggled to do it.

I remember when I first started, I couldn’t focus. I was easily distracted by the thoughts that were running around in my head.

Instead of giving up, I decided that I wanted to be good at meditating.

I searched for tips on the internet and I came across some guided meditations. Guided meditations are generally audio tracks with or without music with a voice guiding the meditation process.

I tried them out and to my surprise, I liked them.

I found that I was able to focus better when I listened to them.

I listened to the guided meditations for several months.

It was months later I felt that I wanted to meditate on my own, without the help of the guided meditations.

I didn’t have any specific rituals before I start my meditation.

I just sat on my chair, closed my eyes, and focused on my breath.

Thoughts did come into my mind but I didn’t pay attention to any of them.

I just focused on my breathing.

The more I practiced, the easier it got.

Interestingly, even as it got easier, there were times the meditation didn’t have the expected feeling of calm, peace, centered or relaxation.

I’ve had several unpleasant experiences during my meditation.

Instead of feeling refreshed, I often felt rather heavy, depleted, and lethargic after I meditated.

At one time, I felt like I was being compressed and stretched to the point it became unbearable.

Because of these unpleasant experiences, I meditated sparingly for a couple of years. I only meditated when I felt like it.

It was in late 2018 that I started to meditate often.

By late 2019 I regularly meditate in the Ascension Temple.

Ascension Temple is a place of great love. It is a sacred space that Ascended Masters have created just for us.

I wish that I knew about the Ascension Temple when I first started.

I could feel a huge difference compared to when I meditate on my own without being in the temple.

I find that I rarely feel heavy, depleted or lethargic after my meditations. Once in a while, I do feel light-headed. Whenever I feel light-headed after I meditate, I make sure that I ground myself so that I am grounded and be present in the world.

My experience of meditating since then is often pleasant.

Now that I’m actively working on my ascension, meditation is part of my morning routine.

I love to meditate and I love to meditate in the Ascension Temple.

For those who want to meditate or want to start, I highly recommend doing so in the Ascension Temple.

Give it a try.

You can access the Ascension Temple here. [link: https://www.alphaimaging.co.nz/ascension-temple/]

If you find that you are struggling to meditate because your mind is noisy, check out Activate Peace Within. [link: https://www.powercreatefreedom.com/peace-within]

Peace & Love,

Hayatti Rahgeni

Hayatti Rahgeni Woman smiling with glasses and dark hair in white shirt
Hayatti Rahgeni

Initiation Level:  4th
Location: Brunei Darussalam
Services: Activate Peace Within, Unleash Your Authenticity, Heal Your Chakras, EMBRACE Your Sexuality
Hayatti has been working with the Ascended Masters since December 2018. Her spiritual journey started from having a deep desire to heal herself. She assists people to experience inner peace mentally and emotionally with her natural gift.