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I’m excited to talk to you about interpreting art works, but first I must mention a few things. As a counselor and art therapist, I’m supposed to refrain from interpreting people’s art works because only the artist can validate what their artwork means. I’m supposed to guide the process and explore feelings with my clients by asking questions. However, throughout my workshops, classes, and sessions, I learned that people love to hear my insights and interpretations of their art. Sometimes it helps them see a new perspective or correlate their artwork with their lives. It’s always a FUN experience for everyone involved. Which is why I deviate from the rule and flow with my artists.

Let me further explain why heart based art sessions are so amazing. We get to release old energies, bring forth new ideas or feelings that we can’t easily communicate, and we can also receive messages from Higher Self. Plus, when we engage in pleasurable activities such as painting, it helps us lower stress and anxiety levels.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! I will show you what an interpretation might look like as I share my insights on Lea’s artwork (the painting you see above). Lea has given me her permission and is excited about this experience. We see symbols to interpret and harmonious colors which have their own vibration field.

Immediately our eyes are captured by the gorgeous tree. Trees are a universal symbol; the tree of life symbolism is embedded in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Different types of trees have different symbolisms, which may vary in different parts of the world. Some trees have their own role in old legends and tales (which is typical for many symbols). These tales open up another layer of ancestral history – the relationship our ancestors had with the trees and their healing properties etc.

This particular tree is one of my favorites, the willow tree. I believe my particular love for it started with the little mermaid (lol), but when you research this tree’s symbolism, you understand that your soul has much more knowledge and history attached to it. Which is why the artist choosing this tree is significant, nothing is truly random.

Let’s look at this tree in detail. Look at this trunk – it is a rich, healthy trunk with strong roots and a beautiful depth of color. You can see the strong long branches and its gorgeous greenery. This talks about vitality, ancestry, growth, and strength. It’s telling me that the artist may have a strong lineage and good family relationships. She may feel secure and happy. She’s had a lovely life growing up, with ups and downs like everyone else. Although she understands the future is unknown, she has a stable base to rely on. This is true on many levels, from her genealogy/family to her own inner strength. The background tones speak to me of her unwavering kindness. Now symbolically, the willow tree has a relationship with the Goddess and speaks of fertility and creativity. The willow asks you to connect to your soul and return revitalized and strengthened. This will help you increase your self-awareness and give you insights about your path.

The willow tree can also speak to us about our emotions, encouraging you to express deeply buried feelings and to self-reflect and self-actualize. On that note, it is important to take time to discover, feel, and express your feelings. This help us release them (the arts are an excellent way to help us do that). I encourage you to read more about the symbolism of the tree and see what lessons are waiting for you.

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Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, lady smiling
Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services: Retreats, Groups, Workshops and Professional Development Trainings, One-on-One Spiritual-Emotional Direction Sessions, Speaker for Events, Energy Painting Demonstrations and Art Insights Reports
Tamara is a Spiritual Art Advisor with Ascension Education & Coaching. She began working with the Ascended Masters in 2018. She shares her love of creativity through one-on-one sessions, group work and professional development trainings.