The Initiates

These Initiates are some of the brightest lights on Earth. Come close so their Light can shine on you.

The initiation level for each initiate has been confirmed through their ascension journey with the Ascended Masters as part of Alpha Imaging’s teachings and services.

Photo of Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, LMHC

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, LMHC

Spiritual Arts Advisor, Ascension Education & Coaching
Location El Paso Tx United States Cell Phone: 915-213-4596 Website: Joyful Arts


Initiation Level:  6th


Take your power and co-create with me! Enhance your creativity, intuition and joy. If you have struggled to trust your intuition or have been unable to feel energy sessions etc. You are not alone. Find your own unique way to the answers that are within you. I will show you techniques and tools to tap into your Divine power. Self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-improvement awaits you. 6 sessions of 45 minutes with art materials mailed to you for only $333.00 Email me to begin today!


About Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

I graduated from GCSU with a Masters in art therapy in 2016, completed a Bachelors degree in 2008 and an associates in 2004. I’ve received many certifications and awards, as well as shown and sold my art in prestigious art galleries. My conscious journey with the Ascended Masters began in 2018. I’m now a 6th level initiate. Self-improvement is a constant choice, you can make changes to bring joy and satisfaction into your life. I also have a Protection Grid in place and have an excellent self-care routine. 


My first dark night of the soul (or mental health breakdown) was circa April of 2005. I can say I’ve been in and out of psychosis (clinical term) but quite honestly it was just my first awakening. It led me to open up more, be more accepting of others and their perspectives. It was humbling and transformative. In my journey I studied and practiced different religions, connected with mother earth and learned a lot about myself through art, bibliomancy and other fun techniques. After my second awakening, I found Verna at the ascended masters website and my life changed forever. Many times during my journey I wished I had somebody to talk to about spirituality that would get me. My friends and family associated my spiritual inclinations with my mental health or lack thereof.  


Sadly in the mental health field awakenings and spiritual phenomena is considered an illness, but that’s not what I believe or experienced. I know for a fact that, for example, those with “schizophrenia”  may just be tuning in to other dimensions. Therefore, I don’t believe in mental health labels, I’m here to open the box and paint it.  I digress, my point being that the search to connect with our spirituality is sometimes ridiculed or diminished, leaving people to feel isolated and emotionally bankrupt. I’m here to provide support, being a witness to your journey, you are not alone. 


When it comes to therapy/guidance/coaching, you need more than a session to see your transformation.While self-discovery and self-reflection through the creative process can help you gain new insights and move you forward in your self-transcendence journey, to achieve long lasting results its pivotal to engage in a therapeutic relationship through several sessions. However, if you only want to lower your stress levels, have fun and gain new insights; I suggest you gather your friends for a group session, workshop or retreat!

Start today by working with me.


“I took the Heart-Based Art Class with Tamara recently and learned so much! I didn’t think my artwork meant very much until Tamara pointed out the symbolism in everything that I drew–it was amazing! I really had been tapping into my heart/soul/Higher Self during the session and it was fun and so easy! I got some great messages and confirmation from Spirit. Thanks Tamara!”

Tammy Yarza Manzo


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