The Initiates

These Initiates are some of the brightest lights on Earth. Come close so their Light can shine on you.

The initiation level for each initiate has been confirmed through their ascension journey with the Ascended Masters as part of Alpha Imaging’s teachings and services.

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Sonia Tavares

Divine Energy and Vocal Sound Channel, Sophia Circle Facilitator®
Location Toronto Ontario Canada Website:


Initiation Level:  6th


As a Vocal Sound Channel, most of my services are based on me channeling divine frequencies through my singing voice and through other vocal sounds. It’s similar to receiving energy healing but the vibrations, the different melodies and nuances of the sounds are what will take you on your healing journey. I also offer channeled readings, programs and more coming!

Services found here:

– Divine Mother Channeled Healing
– Stand in Your Power with Hathor and Sekhmet
– I Am Light Channeled Reading
– Calling In My Beloved and Creating Sacred Relationship Program

I also offer Sophia Circle Journeys®, a 13-week experience going in-depth into the teachings of the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code®. We sit in an online circle and receive activations from Sophia God, the Ascended Masters and your Higher Self.

Learn more here:

About Sonia Tavares

After one mystical experience after another, I had my epiphany moment of awakening to the Divine Feminine in 2015 while in Glastonbury, England. The beautiful experience I had with Her changed my life forever. I finally knew my truth and within a year’s time, I devoted my life to being in service to Her.

Just two months after that awakening, I learned that I channel a unique form of energy healing and that specifically, I’m the only person in the world currently that does. I was also told I would use my singing voice as a means of channeling the energy.

Learning this really freaked me out and I went into hiding, not offering any healing services.  At that point, I had done much  training in energy healing and other spiritual modalities but this new information stopped me in my tracks. I was afraid.

I ended up going on an intense healing journey whilst trying to learn about this energy. I did everything I was guided to do. I travelled to sacred sites around the world and began to also have visceral experiences with Ascended Masters. They led me to finding the modern-day sacred text, The Sophia Code, featuring seven Divine Feminine Ascended Masters! Again, reading this book was a pivotal moment for not only did it help me on the Ascension path, I also immediately knew that an aspect of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime was to help disseminate this sacred text to those I am meant to pass it along to. I’ve been a student in its mystery school since 2017 and I’m now a certified Sophia Circle Journey Facilitator®.

After years of struggling to tell people, I can now comfortably say that the frequency of energy I channel comes directly from Divine Mother. Supporting me in this work is a High Council made up of Ascended Masters, galactic beings and others. I learned about them while in Sedona in 2018, when St. Germain came to tell me. Other members revealed themselves within the months following that special moment.

The work I am meant to do with this healing and loving energy is my soul’s mission and why I am here now. It would be an honour for me if you decide you would like to experience it for yourself!



I had the most profound sound healing session with Sonia.  I went into the session feeling a deep burden weighing me down but as soon as Sonia began her sounding, things began to shift for me very quickly.  Her toning was very activating, the vibrations reverberated within me and it was as though the sound itself was moving me.  I recalled during our session wondering where this sound was coming from as there was so much happening. Sonia tended to our session in a very compassionate way, she was truly companioning me as the sound moved through her, I felt very safe to receive.  I loved the messages she shared with me too at the end of our session.  That one session moved what felt like a boulder in my path.  I am so grateful for the powerful gift Sonia has.

Dheepa Nedungat, New Zealand

If one is receptive to the healing voice of Sophia (God) that comes through Her channel Sonia, one can experience deep connection with God-consciousness.

Leyolah Antara, Australia

On June 3rd, 2019, I had craniotomy surgery to have a brain tumor removed. It was a scary time for me and my family. One of the things that really helped me was a healing circle I was a part of led by Sonia Tavares. During the healing process I saw beautiful colours and distinctly heard “mother Sophia” (God)  tell me that I would be ok and that she would take care of me.  During the healing circle I was certain that I would be ok and I was. The healing sound that was channeled by Sonia was angelic and transcendent. It felt like a warm and reassuring hug from the universe; one of the best things I could have done prior to surgery. After surgery I received another healing session from Sonia and again the golden ones assured me that I would be ok. Thank you Sonia for being a healing light and showing the way.

Virma Benjamin, Canada

That was amazing, Sonia. I felt so many things. I’ve never felt quite this vibration of Divine Mother before. Wow! Amazing gift you have!

Chelsie Sullivan, USA
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