In Service

The 7th Initiates frequently form service groups to help humanity.

From time to time the Ascended Masters ask those who have passed the 7th Initiation to form service groups for specific purposes. You can read about these groups and their work here.

Battle Site Clearance Group

A group of eight 7th Initiates including AmayahGrace, Kay, Matt and David are working with a team of Masters, Angels, Archangels and Cosmic Beings to heal and release the souls of those who died in battle, and to heal and clear trauma from the wounded. They have been asked to start with the World War 1 site of Passchendaele, and already many souls from other WW1 battle sites are stepping forward seeking clearance so they too can move on. This work also helps to clear related trauma that may have been inherited from those who were wounded in battle or those who were left behind.

Ascended Master Gates

Verna, AmayahGrace, Waireti and Kay have all passed the 7th initiation. As a group they have taken on the service of re-awakening the Ascended Masters gates and the Light Beings connected to them via stone circles and other anchor points.

7th Initiates

Every week, all of the 7th Initiates and their Higher Selves meet on a torus with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim to help humanity and the Mother Earth.

Entity Removal

A group of 14 initiates who have passed the 7th initiation are working with the Elohim, Cosmic Masters, Archangels, and Ascended Masters to begin the process of removing entities from this plane of existence.

Service Provided by 4th Level Initiates & Above

In addition to the above services provided by the 7th Initiates, there are also activities that many of the Initiates at the 4th level and above participate in.

Mother Earth Healing

A group of initiates works together each week using the group torus technique to regularly provide a healing to Mother Earth, focusing on increasing the amount of light and love on our Mother Earth.