Not feeling good enough. Trust that getting triggered on this deep issue is not a bad thing, and you are not bad or wrong for having this reaction. It is a process, and we all move through our processes in layers. We would encourage you to see it for what it is – a triggered reaction to a deep pain that you have carried for a long time.

Self-worth and feeling not good enough has been a lifelong issue for you, and you are now getting the opportunity to let it go by bringing your higher awareness to the situation.

You are NOT what you feel.

You are feeling what you are not.

You are feeling what is discordant.

You are feeling what you have the opportunity to release (the cloak of illusion that you have been wearing) and have identified with ‘not good enough’ only on an egoic level.

So, you do not need to change how you feel. It is OK that you feel hurt, BUT choose to remember why you feel that way – you have been triggered to feel this stuff from the past that is not the truth of who you are.

As you remember that you are just feeling stuff you are releasing, you can relax more and stop judging yourself as wrong for having those feelings. That will then allow the energies beneath the feelings to release. Ultimately, step by step, you will rise above low self-worth and not good enough. It will no longer have control of you, you will no longer be scared of feeling that way, and you will no longer need to modify your behaviour to try and please or appease other people because you will no longer need them to approve of you or validate you. And while you still may have feelings of not good enough arise, it will not affect you so much or rob you of your freedom or happiness.

As you become more committed to believing you are good enough, trust that other people in your life will see you and treat you as such, despite you not always feeling that way. Other people are just reflecting your own fear and doubt energies back to you, and they are actually doing you a service, even though it hurts. So trying to prove yourself good enough to others won’t work as long as it is underpinned by fear and doubt.

The path forward is to take a deep breath and relax into being confident in yourself. Trust that you can do that even when you feel the fear, doubt, and hopelessness. Trust that your emotional feelings are not you. Create a positive mindset that reminds you that you are Divine and that your inherent Light is shining out and helping many people. You are Worthy and Appreciated by the whole Universe just as you are right now. Nothing needs to be fixed for you to be more valuable.

Relax and Trust. You are Loved and Supported.

Matt, ManTarA


Here is a free 45minute Group Call on the subject of ‘I Am Good Enough’. It includes a meditative experience with Light Language to help you achieve empowered transformation into greater Self-Worth and feeling Good Enough.

It was recorded live and is in MP3 format. EnJoy.

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