Healing Paths

Helping Humanity Bring More Peace & Harmony to the World

Welcome to the Healing Paths

We are a group of healers and lightworkers who have come to this earth to create change by offering guidance and healing from a place of love to help guide you on your divine soul’s path so you can be the change you desire. 

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You can choose any Healing Path for healing.  If you aren’t sure what is right for you, read through the descriptions below and trust your intuition on where to begin.

Not Sure What Path is For You?

Purchase a personalized Healing Path Reading.  Two of the Initiates will work together with the Ascended Masters to identify the Healing Path and Healers that would best be able to support you in the next steps on your healing journey.

Healing Past Lives

We are all co-creators of our experiences here on earth. We have past lives where our soul has brought the energy forward to this lifetime to be experienced and healed. This path will help release the past that is holding you back in this lifetime and keeping you from moving forward and feeling stuck in the same cycle. A new awareness will evolve that will heal the heart and soul, bringing a better understanding of why you chose these experiences in this lifetime and what lessons you are to learn.

Clearing a Pattern

This healing path will help you clear patterns of behavior that are holding you back from being happy and feeling at peace in your life. Old patterns come from past experiences and past lives that carry forward into this lifetime. This is an opportunity to clear them so you can move forward on your Divine Path releasing that which no longer serves you bringing more joy, compassion and love into your life.

General Life Support

The support on this path will help you gain control of your life as you will receive the guidance and tools to bring forth into your daily life so you can make positive changes that your Soul has been desiring. When you are open to change, the world opens up more doors for you to go through. Be the change you seek for yourself today.

Life Direction

This healing path will help answer your quest on what direction or path should you be taking at this time in your life. It will help bring more clarity on what you have been doing right and what changes need to be made and how to make them so you can become more successful in all that you do. The information that you will be given will help put you back on track to leading a happier more fulfilling life.

Ascension Support

This path will help you receive a better understanding of what you are experiencing and when related to ascension. If you’re not sure about ascension or your desire for ascension, this is a beautiful place to start. You will receive guidance on the next steps to take and how better to support yourself during these ascension times.

Trauma Support

If you are feeling anxieties, fears, are going through a traumatic experience or experienced trauma in the past and need support, this healing path can assist you. The healers will help you in getting to the core issue and give you the guidance needed in order to uplift you and get you back on track to feeling your inner strength again.

Physical Body Support

We all carry burdens from past and current experiences which can weigh heavy on the mind and create havoc in the body. This path will offer potential healings that you may need in order to release the energies that are trapped and may be felt as pain in the body. This path helps bring the mind body spirit back into balance.

Creative Expression

If you are feeling blocked or are looking for a transformation, creative expression is a good way to bring what you are struggling with in your life to the forefront to be released. This is also a way to allow your inner self express itself in ways you have not done for a long time. This can be very healing and therapeutic to the Soul.

We are honored to support you on your healing journey