When I think of harmony, I think of balance. Balance on all levels. This world is full of and made up of harmonics. The very fabric of reality is a musical masterpiece. It is an interplay of silence and sound, existence and nonexistence. The universal harmonies implicitly have the value of balance, and they always will because they are eternal.

Of course, as human beings living on one shared plane of existence, most of us only see certain harmonies at work to the exclusion of all others. WE may have our own sense of balance, our own sense of what is right or wrong at the expense of another’s idea of what harmony means to them.

But you are listening your own octave of harmony that others cannot hear. So when your harmony runs into another’s, it may or may not feel like it resonates. While you resonate with one harmony, you may be deaf to another.

This is the nature of one that is not in tune with the entire orchestra of the cosmos. Without identifying with the music of the spheres, we are not in harmony with the whole. This is because the whole is in harmony with itself, and the octave of duality within it is also holding itself together in dynamic balance.

Everything is found within us…the entire harmony…every note is the correct key.

This Corona virus…it may sound like an off note to the perspective of the unaware, but remember…most of us also sound like off notes to the rest of the animal kingdom, and right now.. they are flourishing in our isolation!!

Reflect on what we may have done to seem like a virus to the rest of the life on this planet and endeavor to never make them feel like what we are feeling right now… ever again!

Let us BE in tune with the cosmic tune. Let’s put the harmony back into our relationships and FEEL the infinite balance that we already are.

I can assist in bringing your energy into balance if you need me.
I’m offering harmonic attunements and you can reach out to me for details on my profile.

William Howard
William Howard

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Vedic City, Iowa, USA
Services: Sound Healing Nāda aTunement
William (Shivanand) has been working with the Ascended Masters since 2010. William works with sounds to help others find their own healing. He believes that we heal ourselves while someone assists us by guiding the experiencer to the experience.