Silence and dynamism together are required to create a sense of wholeness.

This dynamic, silence, is the foundation for all of life to exist, grow, and flourish.

This is where all sides, all opposites meet together in the middle in order to form the silent movement of unity and harmony.

This is the metaphorical union of the lingam and yoni. It has a cosmic significance. After all, we are the microscopic image of the universe itself. That’s right the universe is both genders just like the human race is both genders. We represent the two cosmic forces at play here.

Don’t just choose silence, for it dances with sound.

Don’t just choose sound, for dances with silence.


Favoring one side over the other is understandable… But the Buddha, Yoga, and the Tantras all agree that the Middle way is the path to enlightenment and perpetual pleasure and fulfillment.

We cannot walk properly with one leg.

Like Icarus, do not fly too high or the sun will melt your wings.

Do not fly too low or the ocean will dampen your wings and you will not be able to fly.

The same could be said for the holistic approach to health. Ayurveda is all about promoting preventive measures so that the mind body system is in a perfect state of balance. Without this balance, the imbalanced doshas will accumulate, aggravate, localize, and then manifest as disease in the physiology.

The main takeaway here is to restore balance before it becomes difficult to do so. Before illness can take place it’s actually very easy to restore homeostasis back to its healthy and optimal level a function. Extremely easy if you know how to optimize your routine your diet, and your thoughts accordingly.

The main way is meditation. The goal of meditation is to invigorate the mind, emotions, and body with silence. This dynamically silent state is called “Samadhi”

Samadhi means “balanced intellect”. If you can maintain the state of samadhi amidst waking activity like gardening, going to school, work, playing sports, lovemaking, and playing, then you are enlightened my friend! ^_^

(Image by the Artist Serpentfire)

William Howard

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Vedic City, Iowa, USA
Services: Sound Healing Nāda aTunement
William (Shivanand) has been working with the Ascended Masters since 2010. William works with sounds to help others find their own healing. He believes that we heal ourselves while someone assists us by guiding the experiencer to the experience.