Thank You

Thanks for joining the Free Healing Session.  Below is a bit of information on what you can expect before, during and after the session.  Enjoy!

While we do not connect with you directly on a call or a Zoom meeting, we are connecting with you energetically.

As a reminder. You will receive a healing for the next 3 months. There is no need to signup each month.

Before the session:

The healing will take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm New Zealand time.

Ensure you are sitting with your feet on the floor or lying somewhere you are comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. You may want to have a blanket close by in case you get cold. On healing day, state out loud, ‘I AM willing to receive this healing.’ This puts your cellular structure and other bodies on alert that there will be change.

It’s ok if you are sleeping or otherwise occupied during the healing time. You simply need to be open and willing to receive.

After the session:

Make sure you drink plenty of water as your body will need to rehydrate. This helps you integrate the new vibration. You may find you need to rest immediately after the session. Be very kind and gentle with yourself over the following few days. If you become aware of old patterns of thinking or behaving in the following days and weeks, simply know they are echoes or residue from the past resurfacing for clearing. Just notice them, send love to them (and yourself), and let them go.

Be prepared to be in joy, amazement and love as you observe yourself feeling and responding differently.

Notice how different your world is and all those in it. Take the time to honour you, your courage, and your commitment to your journey of healing.