We are in extraordinary times and our societies are taking extraordinary measures for the greater good. We are hearing this every day, several times a day. When in our human history have we ever been in a situation like this? When have we ever been given this great opportunity?

You may shake your head and think “How on earth can this be called an opportunity?”

If we look at all the positives that have already come and will come out of our self isolation and physical distancing, we can choose to look upon this time as an opportunity. The entire planet is being given a major wake up call, and we can choose how we want to answer. We can react with fear and judgement and blame, or we can choose love, compassion, and non judgment. We have been given the time to disconnect from our frenetic, fast paced, A-type lives. We cannot be distracted by errands, meetings, appointments, shopping, endless driving here and there. We can reconnect with what matters: ourselves and each other. We have been given the time to go inward and create peace and harmony within, balance, and calm. One great tool to help create inner calm is to breathe! Use the beautiful ability we have to breathe in deeply and clear toxins, breathe in light and breathe out love. Whatever we choose will be reflected out into the world, and others will pick up on that choice.

We have already seen this happen in the grocery stores. We see people checking out of Costco with three and four bales of toilet paper! We look at them and shake our heads, thinking “You’re crazy! What are you going to do with all that toilet paper?” We then might get angry at them for hoarding and not leaving any for others. They probably saw someone else do the same thing and reacted, thinking that is what they have to do. They reacted, not pausing and thinking for themselves, not responding and choosing to take one bale for themselves. People behave from the level of consciousness that they are at. We have no right to judge that. We have all been at lower levels of consciousness in our lives. However, with free will, we have been given the opportunity to make better choices, to rise above, and respond with kindness and compassion. Create that energy of compassion and let it flow out from your heart. Our global crisis is forcing us into a position of Me or We. We always have a choice.

We always have the choice to react or respond. We need to pause and ask ourselves what is right. We need to make the choice for the highest good and take the higher path.

I was out for a walk by myself yesterday in the sunshine and with a promise of spring in the air. I saw families with nowhere to go and nothing to do, playing and talking and laughing together, enjoying nature. Every person I saw on the walk looked me in the eye, smiled, and said hello. We know that we are all in this together, and we must do what is right for one another here and everywhere around the world. The playing field has been leveled. No one is immune. We are being given the opportunity to come together in mind, heart, and spirit. We are reaching out to others with offers of help, comfort, and support. We are coming up with creative ideas of being there for one another.

Once this has passed, we will view each other and the world at large with a different perspective and a greater appreciation, knowing we have all come out of the same experience. Thank you for this opportunity to heal our divisiveness, our separateness, and realize that we all come from the same place. We are one. We are all connected, and Corona has made us very aware of that.

Thank you for this opportunity to become better, to reach our potentials, to love one another, and to love this beautiful planet we have the privilege to inhabit! Thank you!

Jan Thompson, lady smiling
Jan Thompson

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Services:Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Provider of Ascension Dowsing Services
Jan has been working with energy and Spirit for many years. Jan is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, incorporates Dowsing, and works with the Ascended Masters in her healing practice. Along with Carol Anne Halstead, Jan also provides Ascension Dowsing services for your home.