Turiya is the Yogic and Vedic Art of using meditation to ascend into a level of Super Consciousness. 

The ancient practice of Turiya has been used for thousands of years by Yogic and Vedic practitioners. It refers to a level of consciousness that you can reach once you have passed through a deep sleep state. This next level of consciousness is what is referred to as Turiya or Superconsciousness. When you are in this state your individual self and divine self are in union.

This high level of awareness brings with it pure knowledge, bliss and union with the one true self. All nature of duality will cease to exist. Moksha (Liberation) will encompass you.

I would love to help you with this through my healing practice called Zero Point Healing. You will be taken into a portal of limited time and space. 30mins feels like 10mins, energy will be free flowing, we will connect with the creator and whatever is needed for your highest outcome will be achieved. I also channel light language throughout your session which will help shift out old energy and bring in the new. It is a very blissful and loving session. 


Michael Hiotellis 

Michael Hiotellis

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Sydney, Australia
Services: Zero Point Healing, Belvaspata Grand Master, Light Language Activator, Shaman, Spiritual Coach
In 2018, whilst seeking personal development I became attuned into my own spiritual awakening and have since been on the spiritual journey to heal myself whilst helping others to do the same. He has always had a natural inclination for a healthy and harmonious lifestyle, as well as exploring the benefits of healing with his passion of food, fitness and music.