Hello my fellow initiates, today I want to tell you what happened the day after “thanksgiving”, it has made me self-reflect beyond the daily norm and I believe you’ll want to know why… It was about 6pm when we decided to go to the movies to watch Encanto. As always, my mom didn’t want to go nor did my husband. My husband often chooses solitude because he suffers from PTSD and bad humor (lol), and my mom struggles with her English. She would rather wait to watch the version with subtitles at home. Well, driving at night wasn’t going to stop me, so I took the kids with me and headed to the movies, our favorite pastime. 

We had our popcorn and slushies ready, and we couldn’t contain the excitement to watch this movie. It is not often that we get Hispanic themed movies, so I was even happier to watch it. To resume, we absolutely loved it. I think it’s the first Disney movie in which the lead character has both parents alive and they did not die during the movie! Finally! Good stuff. On the ride back home, we discussed our favorite parts of the movie, the characters and the songs. We also discovered we all cried at the same point during the movie. If I didn’t know how we carry past life traumas, I’d be offended that my children felt triggered (lol because I make sure they feel loved and worthy). However, universally, it doesn’t matter the age, we all feel not good enough.

Because I’m me, I couldn’t let it go. It kept floating in my mind as I drove. I realized there is one epic reason that touches all of us. I had thought about this before, but only shared with a few close friends. This time, I’m sharing it with all my friends. The issue is the dichotomy of God’s love for us, even our inner God and ascended master. We know they love us just as we are, yet it feels like we are never enough. Because there is always one more lesson after the old lesson, more shedding, clearing,  layer after layer. Y’all know this. There’s always a better version of us, that is expected of us. It is exhausting. Yet, just like everything else, it is just trauma. How vast is that trauma, that reverberates into every other relationship. Well, it is huge! As always, guess who gets to heal that? Yup, you and your higher self! Of course there’s always a team of masters or other initiates, like the avengers, waiting for our call to help. How awesomely Batman of all. Lol! 

The truth is that it takes a shift in perspective. It is not that we are not good enough, it is that we can always do better. We can’t expect others to validate us and give us our worth, although, it feels good when it happens. After all, all we want is to be loved. BUT, it’s always about you. You have to be the one who loves you the most, who understands and cares about you. You have to cheer yourself on, become your own advocate, your own love of a lifetime.

Cultivating and honoring your relationship with yourself, is akin to cultivating spiritually with your Higher Self. It’s a fine line to be humble and embrace the greatness of ourselves=Higher Self. They don’t want us to be just a vehicle, they want to be us as much as we want to be them. How do we do that? There are plenty of things we can do, but to close this blog: Live your life, one day at a time with the intention of being one with HS and follow the joy. 

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday season! Much love!

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, lady smiling
Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA | San Juan, Puerto Rico
Services: Retreats, Groups, Workshops and Professional Development Trainings, One-on-One Spiritual-Emotional Direction Sessions, Speaker for Events, Energy Painting Demonstrations and Art Insights Reports
Tamara is a Spiritual Art Advisor with Ascension Education & Coaching. She began working with the Ascended Masters in 2018. She shares her love of creativity through one-on-one sessions, group work and professional development trainings.