Feelings of disempowerment can be quite halting. They can stop us in our tracks. We all get this way from time to time. Life situations come up, things get thrown our way, and we wonder, why do I feel this way? What do I do now?

There are all sorts of spiritual ideologies we could insert when these feelings arise. “Everything is a mirror!or “It is all just a reflection of you.” These are some of the more common answers to questions we have and can seemingly be cut and pasted into a lot of situations, but if you’re like me, common just doesn’t always work. Sometimes we just need a different perspective, a new way to look at the same thing. Something similar, but with a new spin.

So, let us look within for a moment at these feelings of disempowerment. What’s there? What do you see? Patterns? Cycles left unresolved? Could these patterns or cycles be likened to smudges on a mirror, obscuring your view from seeing things from a clearer perspective, covering up the truth what’s really there?

Now let us look a little deeper into our hearts. What do you feel? Your essence? Your soul or your truth shining back at you? Is what you are feeling overlayed with surface tension while you dig deep to find these divine parts of yourself?

This deeper, covered up part of us is our light trying to shine, but our lower self patterns interfere with this. We are not outside of this light. We are not separate from it. This light is the core of who we truly are. When our lower self patterns are in full flex, they cover us over, obscuring our light within. There is a misalignment to us, misalignment of our essence, and the resulting emotions (such as fear) can lead to feelings of disempowerment. This can feel like our personal power has been taken from us, or at the very least give us the feeling of powerlessness. But have we really lost our personal power? Or have we just moved out of alignment with it…out of alignment with our true selves, resulting in making our personal power seem out of reach?

Powerlessness can be suffocating and can lead down many roads, but perhaps these feelings come up because our light within is trying to shine out and is having difficulty, and our Higher Self is asking us to remember the truth of who we really are. So the next time life situations have you feeling disempowered, try asking yourself what is it within you that is trying to shine and where you are that is out of alignment. With practice, you will see that your personal power is with you all along, you just couldn’t see it clearly.

To quote Serapis Bey, “Claim your Divinity, not your humanity.”

Brad Panopoulos

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: Ontario, Canada
Services: Chambers of Light facilitator, Alchemist, Orgonite
Brad has been engaged with the Ascension Portal since 2016. Brad has a variety of certifications include Reiki Grand Master, White Light Reiki, and Lightwave, to name a few. He offers in-person or distance healing sessions as well as infused/enchanted jewelry.