Why do we experience challenges in life?

It does not matter what or how big or small they are. Challenges are still challenges.

It could be mental, emotional or physical challenges.

It could be health, career, financial, relationships challenges and so on.

What I have come to realize is that challenges are never meant to break us.

Yes, we may feel that we are broken because of them.

However, but that is not the intention of the challenges.

What I have subscribed to regarding challenges is that we experience them so we can rise above them.

It is often during a challenging situation that one would muster one’s inner strength and strong-will to get oneself out of the challenging situation.

Those who fail are the ones who often get themselves drowned and get sucked deeper into the challenging situation. Life or God or Universe may seem rather unkind in this case.

What I have found is that the tougher the challenge is, the sweeter is the victory. It’s even sweeter when one recognizes that their power is in their hands all along and that all it takes is one empowered choice and congruent actions.

Will challenges disappear after that?


We will continue to experience challenges at varying degrees throughout our lives.

Here is what we need to remember. Challenges will continue to remain as challenges until we choose to learn from them, make empowered choices and take congruent actions.

The comforting news is that once one acknowledges that he or she has the power to get themselves out of their challenges, the faster and easier it becomes to deal with incoming challenges.

I am aware that not many people see challenges in a positive light. Most would associate challenges as negative thing.

My invitation to you is to view challenges as opportunities for you to look within and learn the lessons that come with the challenges.

In my personal experience, the lessons are usually straight-forward.

Once you acknowledge the lessons, choose an empowered choice or choices and align your actions accordingly.

It may not be easy at first, and just like everything else, with consistent practice, you will become better at dealing with your challenges.

Love & Light,

Hayatti Rahgeni

Hayatti Rahgeni Woman smiling with glasses and dark hair in white shirt
Hayatti Rahgeni

Initiation Level:  4th
Location: Brunei Darussalam
Services: Activate Peace Within, Unleash Your Authenticity, Heal Your Chakras, EMBRACE Your Sexuality
Hayatti has been working with the Ascended Masters since December 2018. Her spiritual journey started from having a deep desire to heal herself. She assists people to experience inner peace mentally and emotionally with her natural gift.