Ascension is the raising of our vibration and thereby our consciousness.


I am Verna Maruata, one of the keepers of the vast Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. The Ascended Masters only have one focus for humanity and that is ascension. My role is to demystify ascension by making the process clear and attainable for all who choose to consciously ascend.

Ascension is the raising of our vibration through the payment of our karma, this results in greater light and a higher vibration. A decrease in karma means an increase in light. We can’t increase our light without paying karma. Karma is a weight we carry in our chakras.


The progress of ascension is marked by initiations. The initiations occur when specific percentages of light and karma payment are achieved. For example, when someone attains 80% light with only 20% karma, they pass the 4th initiation. The 5th initiation occurs when a person has 100% light and zero karma. The 5th initiation is special as it marks the advent of the last life on earth. The higher initiations are different; they focus on the ascension of the Higher Self.

This is a very simple explanation of ascension. You can read more about ascension hereYou can see counters chronicling the number of those passing these initiations with us here.

Ascended Masters

The initiations are presided over by an Ascended Master, regardless of the path. The Ascended Masters are beings of light; they are the ascending Higher Self. The Ascended Masters have all had past lives, just like all of you. They have all left the cycle of rebirth and continue their ascension journey into greater Light.

The Ascended Masters now walk with each person on the planet, regardless of who they are. They are here to help humanity ascend and leave the cycle of rebirth. Everyone ascends on a personalised path of their own choosing. The Masters give their support regardless of the path, for Love in word, action and thought is a cornerstone for every path.

You can read more about the Ascended Masters here.

You can Meet the Masters here.

Ascension for You

If you have been thinking ‘I want this for myself’, this is how to proceed.

  • I suggest an Ascension Reading.  In this 12-page report, we tell you about the energetic you – your initiation, your ascension and dimensional life masters, your percentage of karma and light, information about your chakras and your other energy centres (such as the core star, soul seat, and earth star). You can read more about this reading here.
  • You may have noted all of the Initiates you see on this website have a protection grid. This ensures they are not influenced against their free will by negative energies. The protection grid ensures all that occurs is coming from within them and not external to them. I suggest this protection grid for everyone, regardless of their desire to ascend or not. You can read more about the protection grid here.