Akashic Records are our personal records of our past and all our past lives, our connections to all our ancestors & others in our lives, plus our soul contracts and more. They can help us in many different ways, as our past lives affect us in this current lifetime.

Part of the reason our souls are here is to ascend, releasing karma, as well as, to understand these lessons. We may have jealousy or anger towards someone. We may be holding resentment we didn’t even realize. We may live in fear of something or someone. We may feel overly judged, or perhaps labeled by others. Someone may make us uncomfortable to be around. There is a myriad of examples.

As we ask the Akashic Records about current relationships, situations, issues and more, we can release any cords that we no longer need that were formed in past lives. The more we release and heal those cords, the more we can fully embody our soul purpose.

Until we learn the lessons of our past lives, they can continue to follow us around, becoming even more challenging. We can release our karma through our loved based thoughts, forgiveness, letting go and more, yet we may still have certain reactions to people, places, situations, and so on, which are uncomfortable.

We need to work through and release all of the old patterns, paradigms, programming and belief systems in our thoughts, words and actions/reactions, which may be holding us back as energetic cords and connections. All of these are affecting our current life experiences, which may not be in our best interests. This energy shift can change what (or who) you wish to attract into your life.

As we ascend, we may still feel afraid of many things, like public speaking, voicing our opinions, not trusting others or maybe we are still living in a type of lack mentality. We may still find ourselves feeling emotional over certain relationships or situations. We may feel we are still being manipulated or somehow attacked by others. We can send them love, and we can work on learning these lessons through this process, thus releasing that old energy.

At times we don’t even know we are in the midst of a soul contract or connection, or that it is still active in some way. We may have done the work, but still feel tied to that person or situation, in thoughts, emotional reactions or other circumstances. I believe this is a message from your soul letting you know it’s time to really let go. Those energetic cords can be removed within the space of the Akashic Records (or Reiki or other types of energetic healing sessions) to heal those aspects. In this way, we remove the layers of energies we have collected through our many lives so we can then attract different people and experiences into our lives to benefit us and bring value to us.

Akashic Records Readings/Healings are a very important way to understand, learn, release and move forward without the energetic cords tying us to past lives, through understanding our soul contracts and soul connections, and doing the work needed to release them. Through this we can transform and heal even more.

Another wonderful way to utilize the Akashic Records, is to ask about your soul or true life purpose, and/or asking how you can help others, all of humanity or Mother Earth. Our purpose is to ascend in this lifetime, yet, perhaps like myself, you didn’t really understand what you are supposed to be doing here or why you are drawn to certain people, cultures, interests or even why you are drawn to the ascension path. In my instance, I always wanted to “be of help” to others, yet didn’t fully understand it until I had my first very tough life lesson. That lesson brought me to yoga, then understandings of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. I was then led to learn Reiki and about the Akashic Records, to read Tarot/Oracle, and to cultivate my intuitive abilities. Once I reflected on my life and lessons, my purpose became very clear. It is why I now AM a healer, helping others heal themselves.

You can read more about me on my profile page or book a session on my website.

Heather Corrine Lang

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Avon, Ohio, USA
Services: Reiki & Vibrational Energy Sessions, Akashic Records Readings, Intuitive Life Guidance, Oracle/Tarot Card Readings
Heather has been working with the Ascended Masters since December 2018. She has been working with healing energy for over 10 years, and been working on her own healing and ascension more intently over the past 5 years. She has always been interested in spirituality and metaphysical beliefs and continues to learn more to share.