A common theme on the ascension path for many people is confusion around what their mission/purpose/service is. What am I supposed to be doing in this life? What is my service to the world?

When one reaches the 7th initiation, their Higher Self is 100% in body. Each person’s Higher Self will have a mission they are here to complete, but the plan will never be revealed to us in its entirety. It will only ever be given to us step by step and piece by piece. This can feel confusing because these steps often don’t make sense to our lower self who doesn’t yet see the big picture. It may feel like things aren’t moving fast enough, or at all, and that we’re not actually DOING anything. There is also divine timing in all things, and our lower selves tend to want quick answers and fast results.

I passed the 7th initiation a little over a year ago, and I must admit, I still don’t know what my mission is. But I’m starting to get really good at knowing what it is not.

I’ve started to laser focus my attention on those things that lower my vibration. You know it when it’s happening – that heavy feeling in your heart when you’re doing something that isn’t aligned with your highest good. That nagging little voice in your head that you try to ignore but won’t go away. That feeling of being drained and stressed by an activity that no longer serves you. Desperately trying to hold on to someone or something because it’s always been a part of you, but when you do, you just feel grief. You know when something isn’t right for you. 

Letting go is a huge part of the ascension process. We all must let go of ways of being and thinking that don’t serve our highest good. We must let go of relationships that don’t encourage our Light, habits that hinder our growth, activities that drain our energy, maybe even foods our Higher Self doesn’t like. It’s different for everyone, but one cannot ascend without letting go.

So, I started to get real with myself about what those things are, and one by one, I let them go. It’s not easy. At times my lower self desperately wants to hang on. I grieve, I mourn. It is an ongoing process.

I realized this process of elimination is progress in and of itself. That by knowing what it is I’m NOT meant to be doing, I’m getting closer and closer to knowing what it is I am supposed to do. By subtracting that which doesn’t serve me, I add more space into my life for that which does. The plan will never be revealed in its entirely, but the path to it becomes clearer when the lower vibrational debris is cleared away.

As I write this blog, my first ever on this site, some very exciting new developments are happening, and I see the path to my purpose getting clearer. Have patience, have faith, trust your Higher Self, and listen to your inner voice that tells you what doesn’t serve you. Higher Self will take care of the rest.



 (Verna’s article on the Perfect Path Technique is also helpful when you feel lost and need to make a decision.)

Tara Jolly

Initiation Level:  7th
Location: United States (travels)
Services: personal assistant services, as well as a variety of vegan services including: marketing, consulting, cooking classes, and special event production
Tara has been working with the Ascended Masters’ healings and products since 2014. She offers virtual personal assistant services, as well as a variety of vegan services including: marketing, consulting, cooking classes, and special event production.