In the last few months, everything has changed and change will continue to happen. You have changed, and so have your family and friends, and change will continue to happen.  What can you do, when you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet? You may be looking around for an anchor, but every time that you try to hold on to something, does it fall away like shifting sand?

You are looking for a solid foundation to build on but don’t know where to turn.  The answer is: look inward.  You have heard this before—that all the power and the knowledge and the wisdom is already inside of you, and all you need to do is to access it.  But how does one do that?

There are many ways to Source and many spiritual paths to choose from.  Once you have awoken to the Light, the path will show itself to you.  You may be called to learn an energy healing modality, and the first and most important person that you can start healing is yourself.  Energy healing systems work on many levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  While you may not have  chronic health problems or physical pain, energetic healing can still be very beneficial.

You’ve tried to release fear and anxiety but nothing has worked, or it keeps coming back.  Energy healing can get to the root of those issues.  You are unsure of what steps to take next because it’s hard to focus or get clarity.  Energy healing can help release negative thoughts of doubt and failure.  Maybe you have lost faith in everything around you and you’re scared of what the future will bring.  Energy healing can bring you back to your center again.

Having an energy healing session is wonderful.  It will clear out old blockages, old thoughts, emotions, traumas, and much more.  Now imagine if you learned this system for yourself, and you could consistently clear these blocks, layer by layer.  How your life would change! You would feel more and more calm, peaceful, focused, happy and joyful, each time you did an energy session for yourself.

You would be well and truly on your spiritual path, on the journey to reconnecting to your soul and to Source.  The Ascension path is there waiting for you as well if you choose, for you to clear your karma and connect with your Higher Self.  All can be done more quickly and more easily than you could ever think possible, once you start clearing out energetic patterns and programs.

Now imagine if an Ascended Master would step forward to attune you (connect you) to this energy system.  This energy attunement would be the highest vibration, most pure energy attunement that can be done on this earth plane, because it is done at the level of the Master’s vibration.

My Higher Self is now coming forward to do these energy attunements in the healing modality that I have been teaching for years.  The system is called Practical Reiki, and it is a form of Reiki which utilizes both cosmic and earth (kundalini) energy.  It is called “practical” because there are no symbols to memorize and no hand positions to learn.  All is done by intention, and one’s intuition and spiritual gifts blossom and grow through their use in this system.

If you are already on your spiritual path, imagine what learning this healing modality could add for you.  It could deepen your journey and make it easier and more joyful.  Perhaps you are ready to start sharing healing with clients or teaching this energy system to others.  When you complete the Practical Reiki system, you will be a Reiki Master Teacher, ready to teach whenever the student appears for you.

If you are called to learn Practical Reiki or would like to know more, please contact me at

Tammy Yarsa Manzo

Initiation Level:  6th
Location: Elyria, Ohio, USA
Services: Clearing Sessions in the Akashic Records, Soul-Based Astrology Reading, Practical Reiki Classes, Outreach
Tammy has been working with energy for the last ten years, and seriously working on her ascension since 2015. Tammy offers Akashic Record Healing Sessions, Reiki and soul-based astrology readings. She has been teaching Reiki for the past few years and has taught over thirty people this wonderful tool for spiritual development and healing.